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thirsty thursday: rekoderlig wild berries

Happy New Year!!!

I missed thirsty thursday last week because of Christmas but I’m a little more organized this week, although more drinks may be the last thing you want to talk about today is booze but I’m going to share this delicious drink anyways! :)

This past week, I’ve been on a cider kick, which is strange since it is the middle of winter and it’s more of a summer drink but occasionally you just have to mix it up. I’ve seen the rekoderlig cider in the LCBO before but never tried it. I tried the wild berries cider and it was delicious. A strong cider at 7%, it wasn’t overly sweet and it was a nice change from a pure apple cider.

wpid-2014-12-28-22.15.02.png.png I would highly recommend this cider if you’re looking for a different cider. I’m a big fan of somersby blackberry and it was nice to find something similar but a little different. Sometimes you’ve gotta live a little. 😉

I hope you all have a great new years day! Look forward to sharing lots of exciting stuff with you in 2015!

thirsty thursday: hooper’s cloudy lemonade

Happy Thursday! Hope you’re all enjoying your first week of December. This week’s Thirsty Thursday concludes my LCBO adventure.

This may be the strangest of them all, maybe not but it’s hard to say. I thought this one was so unusual because I couldn’t quite define it. Was it a cooler? Was it a cider? Was it a malt beverage? I never really found out. What is cloudy lemonade? Cloudy lemonade is exactly what is sounds like, it isn’t very sweet so this drink is a good choice if you want a lemon flavour but can’t do a smirnoff ice. I also found this so strange because it didn’t indicate what type of alcohol it was, my guess is vodka but in the ingredients it just said liquor.

wpid-20141115_210911.jpgI prefer things a little sweeter normally but I did enjoy it and my friend who hates things that are too sweet loved it. It’s available at the LCBO for $3.65 a bottle.

Have you tried Hooper’s? What did you think?


thirsty thursday: sage mixology

Happy Thursday and Happy Thanksgiving to our friends to the South! Today’s drink continues on my adventure at the Queen’s Quay LCBO.

I had never seen anything like Sage Mixology at the LCBO (or anywhere) before. The unique packaging originally caught my eye and then I noticed the flavour. I love pink lemonade and my best friend loves elderflower, so I knew I had to get it. It’s unique packaging comes from the fact that the mix and the vodka are kept separately. When you pour the drink, the two mix together to make your cocktail. It’s a little hard to tell in the picture but the pink in the middle is separate from the clear liquor.



The drink was a mix of sweet and tart, from the pink lemonade. It was quite taste, but the flavour was a little more summery than you might have for the upcoming holiday season. Their website says they have a cranberry blackcurrant flavour as well but it seems to be out of stock at the LCBOs in the city. At $13.50 a bottle, it’s a great addition to a girls night.

Have you tried any of Sage Mixology’s drinks?

thirsty thursday: breezers cider

Happy Thursday everyone. Hope you’re enjoying this sunny day in the city. This past weekend I was at the Queen Quay LCBO, I love going to big and different LCBOs because I always find something new – in fact I’ve got new things I had never heard of for a few weeks of Thirsty Thursday – so lets get started!

I found this cider from the maker of bacardi breezers, I find most of their coolers too sweet but I wanted to try this one out. This was a berry and honey flavoured cider. It wasn’t overly sweet (but you probably couldn’t drink a lot of it at the same time) and you could definitely taste the honey. Although it’s not really the season for cider, I would definitely purchase this drink again. They also had an apple flavoured cider, I’m not a huge fan of just apple but I’ll probably give that a try as well. You can find it at the LCBO for $2.95 a can.

Have you tried the breezer cider yet? What did you think?

thirsty thursday: rosarda

Happy Thursday everyone! I hope you’re all having a fabulous week despite the dip in temperature since yesterday. This week’s thirsty thursday may show you that I truly have a love for fruity beers.

Sorry for the terrible picture, I was trying to get the awesome colour.

Rosarda is a beer I hadn’t heard of before going to bier markt last week. Sometimes I find bier markt a little overwhelming because there’s just so many beers to choose from. They used to have the beers sorted by country, which was good if you wanted something specific and knew the region but the new menu has it listed by beer types. I spotted Rosarda under the fruity beers and under their exclusives and I’m glad I did. This raspberry ale is similar to the ale I tried at beerfest this summer which I haven’t been able to find since. The beer was a little on the sweet side though, so after two, I switched to lugtread. I’d recommend this beer for fruity beer lovers, if you hate fruit in your beer definitely steer clear of this one. It’s also great if you aren’t a fan of heavy beers and this one is light but not as light and juice-like as a radler.

Have you tried any of bier markt’s exclusives? Which has been your favourite?


thirsty thursday: cupcake wines

This past Monday, I was invited to iyellow wine club in the back alley of queen street. It’s a fun and funky place trying to make wine more accessible to everyone. This week’s event was centeredaround the launch of Cupcake Wines Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand.

I had never tried cupcake wines, but I had seen them a few times on Twitter and at the LCBO. Their motto is less wine rules, more wine reasons as they make an great tasting and afforable wines. I’m not usually a Sauvignon Blanc fan, usually opting for a Pinot or Chardonnay when I want a white but this one was great. It’s wasn’t overly sweet but it wasn’t a very dry wine, you could definitely taste the citrus in it. I’d definitely buy it the next time I’m looking for a wine for the evening. And at $17, it’s a nice wine to bring to all those events you’re probably going to be going to in the near future (I didn’t say Christmas but…)

Have you tried Cupcakes Wines? What’s you’re favourite?

thirsty thursday: fresita

Last weekend, at the Delicious Food Show, I finally got a chance to sample Fresita, the Chilean strawberry-flavoured wine. I had seem them on Twitter for some time and thought the product sounded delicious.

wpid-20141019_154027.jpgAnd it was everything I had hoped it would be. This sparkling wine is sweet and fruity and a delightful red colour. It is the perfect girls night out or girls night in wine. It would also look great in cocktails because of its beautiful colour. It is available at the LCBO for under $14 a bottle.

Have you tried Fresita? What did you think?

thirsty thursday: peach margarita

Even though margaritas are usually associated with summer time, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a mean ‘rita in the fall.



This week’s thirsty thursday is jack astor’s peach margarita. You can get it in a 2.75oz serving (perfect for two… or one, no judgement) or in a pitcher. The peach margarita is like an alcoholic fuzzy peach. The peach packs a pucker with a hint of tequilla, this is definitely no sex on the beach. If you like your margaritas with a bit of bite, the jack’s margaritas have got you covered.

Have you tried any of the jack’s margaritas? Which one is your favourite?

tafelscene: baroque + beer halloween edition [giveaway]

You may remember back in December, I went to Tafelmusik’s Tafelscene event, a special program for the under 35 crowd. And then, in May, Tafelmusik was super generous and gave me two tickets to their beer + baroque event. Well, they’re back at it with their generousity for my readers and I have two tickets to give away to their beer + baroque halloween madness edition on October 30th.

The event will be hosted once again at the Tranzac Club on Brunswick. It will be an evening of beer, music and spooky good times, costumes are encouraged. Tickets are only $20 in advance or $25 cash at the door and include beer samples thanks to St. Ambrose but as I mentioned, you have a chance to win you’re way in. This event promises to be spooktacular (sorry, I had to get in at least one halloween pun).

Enter now, contest closes at midnight on Wednesday, October 29th – winners will be announced then.
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thirsty thursday: collective arts saint of circumstance

After the aquarium last week, I headed to Loose Moose for dinner. It’s one of my favourite places to go after a game, a show or anything in that area. It’s close to the subway and have a great beer menu.

This time, I tried the Collective Arts Saint of Circumstance, a citrus-infused blonde.


This was my first time trying Collective Arts, my friends love their Rhyme and Reason. One of the features of this beer, which unfortunately ordering on draft I didn’t get the experience, they have real art work from different artists on all of their bottles. This beer was quite crisp for a blonde, and you can definitely taste the hops and citrus. If you’re a fan of hoppy beers, I’d definitely give this beer a try.

Have you tried any of the Collective Arts beers? Which one is your favourite?