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thirsty thursday: detox to retox part III

Happy Thursday – we’re almost a full week into May, it is crazy!

This week’s Thirsty Thursday not about a specific drink but about the next detox to retox. The ladies of Schoolhouse Booze and I are excited that the next one is just over two weeks away.

If you’re not familiar with Detox to Retox, it’s a instructor-led yoga class followed by a beer tasting. If you’ve never had beer after a solid work out, you’re truly missing out. If you want to read up on how awesome the first two were, check out detox to retox part I and detox to retox part two.

The next one will be at Left Field Brewery. We’re so excited to bring detox to retox to Left Field’s new and long awaited brewery. Left Field Brewery is located near Greenwood and Gerrard and I could be mistaken but this might just be their first event since opening. You have seen Left Field at festivals in the past but their bottle shop is now open and they’re just as excited as we are to host the next detox. So come out, get bendy for some delicious local beer.

Get your tickets now, before they’re gone!

brewery bingo

You heard me! Brewery Bingo – because why not?

I went to Brewery Bingo a couple of weeks ago at Junction Brewery, in, of course, the Junction. We got there a little late (#northyorkproblems) but were quickly welcomed to the bingo table. If you’ve ever been to bingo at a regular bingo hall, you would know that people can get very intense about their bingo, that was not the case here. This was just some people who love beer and (probably to a lesser extent) bingo.

Bingo was free, you just had to pay for your beer. There was also delicious snacks, I may have eaten way too many chips and cookies – maybe in the same bite. There was also fun prizes, two of my friends won prizes – one of them winning the full card.

Junction Brewery is hosting the next brewery bingo next Thursday at 7pm, I’d definitely recommend it if you love craft beer – love of bingo is not a requirement, you’ll probably love it by the end!

thirsty thursday: old fashioned

Last week, I attended an event at Citizen for Canadian Club. I got the chance to sample a bunch of ryes. I never really considered myself a rye person, and I think it was because I was doing it all wrong. One day, I will build a bar in my house and I will drink this as I contemplate life: this is an old fashioned.


Super simple to make – one (or two shots) of Canadian Club, 1/2 shot of simple syrup, couples splashes of bitters (not entire sure what this is but apparently it needs to be on your bar) and a lemon peel. I chose to have mine with a large round ice cube. I love the round ice cubes, I think they look so sophisticated in a drink like this. I bought a few molds for my friend from chapters (of all places). Chapters also has round balls for your drink if you want to chill it but are a purist and don’t want to use ice, you can use amazeballs.

I’m really glad I went to this event and discovered a new drink I enjoy.

Have you ever thought you didn’t like a drink but now it’s a regular in your rotation?

thirsty thursday: black oak brown nut ale

Better late than never! It’s still technically Thursday, right? :)

This week’s Thirsty Thursday is a beer that honestly, I didn’t think I’d like. I don’t typically drink darker beers but this one was really nice. This dark and malty beer is really nice and lighter than I expected. I usually expect dark beers to be heavy and hoppy but the malt was definitely stronger taste coming through, with hints of chocolate and coffee.

 This 5% beer is available at the LCBO is 600ML bottles for $4.95.

Have you tried Black Oak? What did you think?

thirsty thursday: brakeman’s session

I mentioned that this past Sunday was the second Detox to Retox at Junction Brewery. As we wrapped up our class, Sean from Junction Brewery had beer waiting for us. We had two choices. I went with the Brakeman’s Session Ale.

 This is one of their regulars, which is always available at the store and at many LCBOs around the GTA. It is available at their brewery in bottles on tap when they’re open for tasting. It was a crisp and refreshing beer and tasted so good after yoga. It is very flavourful and has a great finish. It had a nice malty taste, and not too hoppy, just the way I like it. Can’t wait to crack open my 1L this weekend!

Have you tried Junction Brewery’s beer?

thirsty thursday: conductor’s craft ale

A couple weeks ago, the Tipsy Teachers and I went to Junction Brewery to check out the space for Detox to Retox coming up on March 1st. While I was there, it only made sense to pick up some beer. I grabbed a couple of bottles and the first one is conductor’s craft ale.

Junction Brewery is located conveniently in the Junction 😉 . They pride themselves on making unique and delicious beers. You can stop into their brewery where they have a few regulars and many different beers, their website is updated frequently with their special brews. This pale ale is made from 5 hops and 5 malts and has a bold, crisp flavour. It is a little hoppier than I normally drink. I would highly recommend this beer if you’re a fan of hoppy pale ales.

You can also try Conductor’s Craft Ale at Detox to Retox, get your tickets now!

thirsty thursday: moscow mule

Happy Thursday everyone! This is almost a two part blog post, with the next part coming next week. I had this drink while I was out for Winterlicious and that restaurant deserves it’s own post.


The moscow mule is really simple, I’ll definitely be making it at home. It’s stoli vodka, lime and ginger beer served ice cold. At Smith’s where I had dinner, they served it in a metal chalice type glass. This drink is great if you want something bubbly but not super sweet. I also like ginger beer but don’t like rum so I was excited to have a cocktail with vodka. It’s the little things!

thirsty thursday: sweetwater squeeze radler

Well, we are rounding out January… so the perfect time for a radler? No, that’s not right… but we can do what we want! I love radlers – beer and fruit is my jam. I had tried this beer back in the summer but we got to sample it at the last Detox to Retox.



Most radlers are made with grapefruit but their Amsterdam radler is unique because it is blood orange. It is also higher in alcohol content than most radlers, the ones I’ve had are around 3%, some even less than 3%. This 3.8% radler has a great blood orange taste, which isn’t overly sweet. I definitely recommend this radler for a beautiful summer day, or a day where you just want to feel like a beautiful summer day.

Have you tried this radler? What did you think?

thirsty thursday: cape one moscato

Has anyone else’s week just been flying by? I can’t believe it’s Thursday already. This week’s drink is actually a wine I’ve had in my fridge for a few weeks and just haven’t had the opportunity to have it. I bought it one night when I didn’t want to make a stop at the LCBO and was at a Loblaws with a Wine Rack. I wanted a Moscato and was surprised to find they stocked one.

This moscato is a blend of South African and Canadian wines. It was not very sweet, unusual for a moscato. Also what I thought was unusual was it wasn’t carbonated. I always expect a moscato to be carbonated, maybe I’ve been mislead this whole time. It was also a higher alcohol content than a regular moscato (not that I’m complaining).



I wouldn’t recommend this wine if you’re looking for a regular moscato like barefoot or jacob’s creek but it’s a pretty good wine if you don’t like a sweet wine.

Enjoy the rest of your Thursday!

thirsty thursday: mill street organic

I hope you’re all having a great week! This week’s thirsty thursday is one of my favourites that when I went back and saw it was never included, I was really surprised.


This past weekend, I was out a bar and was drinking cheap beer (sometimes it just has to be done). For the last beer of the night, I decided to upgrade (I know, a little backwards, should have done it the other way around) but they had Mill Street Organic on tap. This local favourite is great when you just want a refreshing beer that isn’t too hoppy or bitter. Sometimes I love to experiment and try new beers and something I just want to drink what I know and Mill Street Organic is great for that.

Enjoy your Thursday!