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thirsty thursday: smirnoff electric orange

Well, summer is more than officially here. It is so very hot out that all I want to do is sit on a patio or in a pool and drink ice cold drinks.

This week’s thirsty thursday is definitely a summer drink! Smirnoff recently released new coolers that are not carbonated, which can be great when you don’t want something heavy or fizzy. There are three new flavours, electric orange and two more you can expect to see on future thirsty thursdays! These drinks are definitely on the sweeter side, and if you’re a fan of orange freezies, these are right up your alley. They have a great flavour and are perfect served ice cold (I enjoyed mine over ice).


If you’re looking for a fun new drink to bring out to the pool or beach this summer, check out these newest coolers from Smirnoff!

Have you tried the new coolers? What did you think?

detox to retox: black oak

Just over a week away from the next Detox to Retox! I can’t believe we’re approaching our 11th event!!! Thank you so much to everyone that came out to our charity event at Left Field. We filled over 2 dozen boxes of goodies for women using shelters.

The next one is at Black Oak brewery in Etobicoke! We’ll go through an hour of yoga followed by a beer tasting at the brewery. And more exciting news! Detox to Retox now has it own site so you can easily see when the next event is, and where to get tickets!

Tickets are going fast, the last three detoxes have sold out so get your tickets before they’re gone.

PS: We’re also hosting Detox to Retox on the Craft Brew Cruise again this year. Enjoy yoga on the deck of the boat followed by a three hour boat/beer cruise. Tickets are also on sale now for that event, and sold out last year – so get them now to avoid disappointment!

dining out: b. good

My boyfriend and I are trying to eat a little better (ok, its mostly him, I mean, I did have Sweet Jesus for dinner last week). We were in the Queen and Bathurst area for an event and trying to find something half-way healthy to eat and we stumbled upon b-good.

B-good has a bit of an eclectic menu, they have burgers, soups, salads and grain bowls. My boyfriend and I each had a grain bowl, which was actually more kale than grains.


I had the toasted almond and ginger but held the mint. I was a little worried when I saw all those veggies but the sauce was quite tasty and I enjoyed the bowl. You can’t see the huge amount of kale under the veggies but there was lots of it. I was full half way through and would have been quite happy if they had a smaller portion.


My boyfriend got the local apple and bacon but held the avocado, I think because he knew I would want to try and I can’t eat the avo. The bacon was the thickest bacon I had ever seen, the picture does not do it justice. He added chicken, which I regret not doing, not because it really needed it but because it was super delicious. They had a sign on the wall that told you where all the meats and produce came from that was being served that day. They also had a fancy kind of pop, which had a blueberry soda – I was so excited. It was a little sweet so I mixed it with the raspberry seltzer – honestly, it would have been perfect with vodka 😉

I’d recommend b.good if you’re looking for a healthy dish, they have a number of locations throughout the city and Oakville.

Have you been to b.good? What did you get?

thirsty thursday: mocha marshmallow stout

Hope you’re all staying warm on this chilly Thursday. We can’t complain, it’s mid-Februrary and it was the first time I blasted my heat in the car.

This week’s thirsty thursday is definitely a fun one! Left Field Brewery is known for mixing it up once in a while and pairing up with other awesome local vendors and this new stout is no different. The mocha marshamallow stout is a collaboration with Sweet Jesus and you may have seen my social feeds showing off this beauty of a beer. Served with a toasted marshmallow, how can you not love it?


Look at that marshmallow! I love it. all stouts should come with a marshmallow! The beer itself tasted more like mocha than marshmallow but it is a delicious stout, I definitely picked up a couple bottles for home.

And this weekend, the brewery is having a beer and chocolate tasting for anyone looking for some Valentine’s plans :)

thirsty thursday: apothic red

I tried apothic red earlier in the week, without knowing what it was but it was certainly delicious. I was glad that when I looked it up, it was under $20 (which wasn’t always a rule for thirsty thursday, but it should be so it is now!).

I really enjoyed it, it was smooth but quite rich. When I looked up the description, I saw that it has hints of blueberries, raspberries, vanilla and cocoa, some of my favourite things. I think this would be a great wine for staying cozy in the winter (which I think is starting to fade, it’s staying light until 5:30pm now!).

Apothic Red

If you’re looking for this Californian blend, you can pick it up at the LCBO for $16.15. Have you tried the apothic red? What did you think?

thirsty thursday: kapow!

Happy Thursday! Sorry the blog has been a little quiet lately, 2016 has been a whirlwind! This week’s beer is from Rainhard, like the thirsty thursday from two week’s ago – Nosbeeratu.

Kapow! is a “west coast inspired” IPA. I don’t usually love IPAs because they’re too hoppy but this one is great! It does have a bit of a bite to it but it is so refreshing. It is very popular though so if you see it in stock, make sure you grab some!

nosbeeratu (on the left) and kapow! (on the right)

The great news is though, kapow! will soon be available in at the LCBO so it’ll be much easier to get your hands on!

Have you been to Rainhard? What did you think?

thirsty thursday: nosbeeratu

Happy Thursday. We’ve done it! Almost, we’re almost at Friday on the first full week in what feels like forever.

This week’s thirsty thursday is from a brewery I’ve mentioned in the past, Rainhard Brewing, one of the newest breweries in the Junction area. I went to Rainhard on Saturday to sample (a couple) of their beers and this was one of my favourites.

Nosbeeratu is currently only available on tap in the bottle shop and is a black IPA. I usually find IPAs too hoppy, but I really like this one. It has a great aftertaste and packs a bit of a punch at 6%.


I’ll be heading back to Rainhard this weekend because they’re getting chacuterie boards! Beer + chacuterie? Yes, please! They’ll be available for sale whenever the tap room is open. Who doesn’t love a good snack while drinking their craft?

Have you been to Rainhard yet? Which one is your favourite?



thirsty thursday: flat rock

Merry Christmas Eve, Eve. Is that a thing? Probably not? But also, Happy Festivus (which is totally a thing).

This week’s Thirsty Thursday is a wine I first tried a couple of weeks ago at my work’s office party. I didn’t pick the wine for the event, you need someone to pick beer? I’m your girl but wine, I’m totally lost. I decided to have the red wine, since I was eating steak.

We had the 2013 flat rock pinot noir, a niagara wine. It is a very light red, if you’re like me and didn’t think you liked red wine, this would be a great one to start with. It’s fruity and spicy and so good. I actually drank wine instead of other drinks after I found out how good this wine is! And it’s local, which obviously means I love it even more!

<pre>2013 Pinot Noir</pre>

Have you tried the flat rock pinot noir? What did you think?

Have a great Christmas everyone!

thirsty thursday: honeymoon peach

About two weeks ago, I headed to Niagara for a little getaway. I’ve always loved Niagara, it’s so silly and cheesy, I like to get out there about once a year. I have not been in a long time, I hadn’t even been to the brewery on Clifton Hill. A really cute little brewery with lots of beer selections and a few snack options.

I tried the Honeymoon Peach, named because Niagara is the honeymoon capital of the world. The Honeymoon Peach is a refreshing and light beer. It’s only about 3.5% but it’s not quite a radler, definitely has more of a beer taste than a typical radler. If you’re out in Niagara, I would definitely recommend checking out the brewery and having a little Honeymoon Peach!

#thirstythursday: finca hispana

I mentioned last week that I was able to try two new-to-Canada wines at the iYellow Wine Club. The first one was Joiy, last week’s Thirsty Thursday. The second one was Finca Hispana Castrijo, an earthy Spanish wine.

Finca Hispana is a distributor of Spanish wines in Canada and the type of wine we tried was tempranillo. For all the money in the world, I would not have been able to tell you that before going to the club last week! Although an international brand, they want to put a face to the brand so every one of their bottles features a photo of the wine maker on the label.


Finca Hispana wants to make wine more approachable and make it possible to buy a bottle of wine for under $20 and feel proud to bring it as a gift. The wine was delicious, I would love to have it with a steak dinner. I’d quite happily pick up this red in the future, at around $16 a bottle, you can’t go wrong!

Have you tried any of the Finca Hispana wines?