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dining out: aji sai thornhill

I’ve mentioned before I really enjoy All-You-Can-Eat sushi. I love it for a long dinner with friends with lots of time to catch up and out eat each other. I also know that all-you-can-eat can be hit-or-miss on quality, when it is so cheap, sometimes quality can be affected but at Aji Sai, that’s not the case.

There are a couple of Aji Sais in the Toronto area. I’ve been to the one on Queen St and it’s pretty good but I think the one in Thornhill is even better. If you live North of the city or have a car, it’s definitely worth checking out. I’ve been a couple of times and each time the quality is noticeable. The fish is really fresh, I wouldn’t think I would be able to tell but I definitely noticed a difference.

That is merely a sampling of the sushi we got. I couldn’t show you all of it, I don’t think my phone would have enough memory to hold that many photos ;). We ordered… a lot. And it was all delicious. The price is also very competitive, it is $22.99 for the weekend.

The only downside with Aji Sai is the service isn’t great. The servers are friendly but it is really slow. It is really hard to get someone’s attention to order, the food comes within a reasonable amount of time but just be aware that it will probably be a long meal. I’ve gone for lunch and dinner and found that both times it was slow but delicious so worth it once in a while.


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amsterdam brewhouse

Summer is winding down but we should have a few more beautiful days to enjoy the city. If you have not yet checked it out, you should head down to the Amsterdam Brewhouse. They have a large indoor restaurant with large windows overlooking the lake and large patio including comfortable couches and muskoka chairs. Also, once you’ve picked your favourite one (or two), you can pick up some to take home from their store.

It took us a little while to get a server but once we did we had a great time. The view is absolutely perfect. They’re aren’t many places to take in that view and a local brew, at the same time. We were only there for drinks but they do have a nice food menu. They have a large selection of beers, all locally prepared. They also have a seasonal selection which is great to keep the customers coming back. They also have “flight passes” which are sets of 4 sample glasses. I got the variety of light beers:

blonde (my favourite on and off the patio), the 416, the orange weisse and the raspberry wheat

I loved the patio, and the indoor space was also very nice. I would highly recommend trying to make a trip down there while the weather is still nice. 

fancy restaurant

my friend and I went to a fancy restaurant last night called Origin North at Bayview Village. I’m usually not very good with the fancy restaurants because the food is usually too weird and the prices are too high. I figured as part of the ‘survival guide’ aspect, I would give my fellow twenty-somethings in toronto an insight on options in the city.

The food was a little unusual. They kept talking about sharing the food but it didn’t seem like some of it was shareable… how do I share a burger without making a complete mess?

We did however share: MASA CHIPS + avocado + salsa + pumpkin seeds
It was pretty delicious, the portion was a little small, only a few large chips.

I had: RIGATONI + smoked tomato + fresh ricotta + chorizo
The chorizo wasn’t really worth the extra money but the sauce was really delicious.

My friend had: CHINOIS DUCK + flour tortilla + cucumber + hoisin + sriracha + sour cream
He really enjoyed it. I’m not a huge duck fan but it was pretty good.

Dessert was really delicious: WARM CINNAMON SUGAR DOUGHNUT + walnut caramel + soft serve
I don’t think I really need to describe why this is really delicious.

The bill came to $96 after taxes but before tip. This did include four alcoholic drinks.

I think if you’re looking for something that isn’t a cookie cutter chain this would be a great choice. Also a nice option if you live uptown.