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my new favourite nail polish

I’ll be honest, I was a little disappointed with my most recent Color Show, I found it was very translucent so decided to try another brand for the summer. I originally saw the Gel Envy on I’m a Beauty Geek and thought it looked really pretty.

I’ve never tried gel nail polish before, but I’ve done shellac and it completely destroyed my nails – I was not looking for something similar to that. I liked the idea that it gave the gel effect without needing a light, because really it just seems like so much effort. So I bought the nail polish AND the top coat (I’m terrible and don’t often purchase the top coat). It also included the base coat in the nail polish, which is good because as you can guess, I never wear a base coat. Each bottle was $8.99, little more than I normally spend but not the highest end for sure. It also can occasionally be found on sale.

The nail polish went on really smoothly and looked good even after one coat but I still added the second one. About ten minutes later, I put the top coat on and it dried relatively quickly (that’s also usually a problem for me, messing up my nails before even getting off the couch).


I would say that it lasted about 3-4 days before I noticed any chipping and I had to take it off by day 5. I’ve read some people have better luck with it lasting longer but this is about as long as any other nail polish has lasted for me so I was pretty happy. It comes off fairly easily (for a dark colour) and I did love the shine.

Tell me, what’s your favourite drug store brand nail polish? I’m always looking for my next one.

broadway nails imPRESS press-on manicure

I received a sample of the imPRESS manicure from Influenster. I’ve never worn fake nails before so I was interested to see how these ones felt.

They sent me two colours, both a little bolder than something I’d normally wear but I decided to test out the orange.

I first lined up the nails in order so I didn’t mix them up. My nails are all different sizes so I was afraid that it would be hard to find something that fit but for the most part, it wasn’t a probably. The peel-off part was a little difficult to take off, it look a little getting used to but once I got into the rhythm of it, it was pretty simple. The nails were more flexible than I expected, I expected them to be rigid. It took a little getting used to the fake nails, particularly with typing and they seemed a little too long for me I’m not used to having such over the top nails so I tested cutting them down. I was able to trim them down with nail clippers, some people may not mind the length, but I found them hard to work with. The problem is, I likely wouldn’t wear the ones with tips because I think they would be too long. I think the fact that they were a little flexible allowed me to shape them, if they had of been really rigid, I think they probably would have cracked. They took me about 10 minutes to put on and they of course had no dry time, which is always an issue for me, I’m usually not patient enough to sit and wait for my nails to dry and I mess them up.

my trimmed down fake nails
my trimmed down fake nails

Would I buy this product again? I think I would if I were going on vacation and wanted a long lasting product that didn’t chip, but I wouldn’t buy them for everyday wear. I’m going to Vegas in October and I think they would be great for that. They have a bunch of colours and patterns and are available at Walmart, Target and Loblaws, $8.99 for the colours and $10.99 for the patterns. They’re in the same price range as the nail polish stickers I usually wear on vacation. They also have a glitter line, which I would probably wear, for new years or some occasion because I hate how impossible glitter polish is to get off. They look even and are as irritating to remove. They lasted about 5 days, then I had to take them off but they probably would have lasted another day or two.

Have you tried these nails? What’s your go-to for an easy at-home mani?

nail polish i love

I just have to share this nail polish. Anytime I wear one of these three colours, I get so many compliments. I’m what I’d like to refer to as ‘thrifty’ because it sounds so much better than cheap so I hate paying lots of money for any beauty products. I bought these three polishes 3 for $8 about 6 weeks ago at Shoppers Drug Mart, I think the regular price is $4.99. 

This nail polish goes on smoothly, only needs two coats. It dries pretty quickly, great for someone impatient like me. It typically last a couple of days without any chips, and I very rarely put top coat on, again because I’m very impatient. 

I would say this is part of a girl’s survival guide in the city because it is a great polish at a great price, because not all of us can afford/have time for a shellac mani every couple of weeks. 

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