I’ve written a couple of posts about apps I use to earn points for gift cards in the past but I think it needs to be updated every once in a while because some sites get better, some get worst, there are so new ones and some disappear. So these are the apps I’m using these days to earn some gift cards and points for a bunch of different things:

Swagbucks has been consistently on my list because it has stayed about the same over the past couple of years. I use this site to complete survey, searching the web, watch videos which I have going a lot of time when I’m home and occasionally shop to earn points towards everything from starbucks, old navy, chapters or SIR corp restaurants. You can also redeem for paypal dollars but it’s a better deal for regular gift cards. There’s a referral program as well that is 10% of earnings for as long as your referrals use Swagbucks. I like this program because it’s very easy to understand how many points you’re getting and their value. I also keep an old email for all my newsletters and other “junk” and use that for any tasks that require an email sign up.

Ebates is another consistent app/website I use to earn cash back on purchases. There’s tons of stores on there that I use frequently, like chapters, old navy, beauty boutique, sephora, the bay and so many more. There is also travel sites, which is where I’ve gotten most of my cash back dollars from, most times I book my travel through expedia or travelocity and they have up to 8% cash back depending on what you’re purchasing. You can get a referral fee when people sign up and make a purchase and you get your payment or cheque once a quarter.

Drop is a newer app, I’ve been using about 3 months. You do have to sign in through your banking/credit card information to get the rewards but if you’re ok with that, you can pick the companies they’re affiliated with and get points for those. You can get a bonus 1000 points if you use my referral code: ‘cyb6d’. It is another app that is easy to understand the value of the points you’re earning.

Carrot is a newer app sponsored by the Canadian government in an effort to get Canadians healthier. Earn points for completing challenges related to health and wellness for one of 4 loyalty programs. I have it set for scene points and I’m getting close to a free movie. You can use my referral code to get a bonus when you sign up with Carrot: ‘snicholson6561’.

JobSeeker is an interesting app, it’s sponsored by Indeed and you get points based on posting ‘help wanted’ signs so they’re able to post jobs that may not be available online. You need to take the photos through the app so that it can track the location. The points amount changes depending on how likely the job is to not be found online but it’s still very little effort and after a couple months I’m at about $25 in amazon gift cards. You can only redeem for amazon gift cards but the benefit is you can redeem at any amount.