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March 27-29: what to do/see/eat/drink in toronto this weekend

Happy Friday everyone! My Thirsty Thursday post didn’t go up because I went to brewery bingo, which was great but more about that later! Here’s what’s going on this weekend if you’re looking for things to do this weekend.

Do: This weekend is the One of a Kind Spring Show at the Direct Energy Centre. Get out and meet the artists and shop locally for lots of items like jewelry, food, art and more! The show runs until Sunday.

See: The Canadian Film Fest is on until tomorrow. All movies are showing on in Little Italy at The Royal Theatre, shows are restricted to 18+ and can be purchased online.

Eat/Drink: Tonight is the 14th Society of Beer Drinking Ladies. The venue has been announced as Propeller Coffee on Wade, near Landsdowne Station. Tickets are sold out but men and non-ticket holders are allowed after midnight.

Have a fabulous weekend!

monday link love

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you had a great weekend and enjoyed the mild day. Here’s some links I loved this week.

Lemon – delicious. Blueberries – delicious. Glazed Lemon and Dried Blueberry Cookies – super delicious. Seasons and Suppers has got a great looking recipe.

Want something fun and green but not having any booze, check out The Sweet Escape’s no churn pistachio ice cream.

And if you’re trying to decide between to green or not to green, check out Schoolhouse Booze’s Go Green on March Seventeen?

March 13-15: what to do/see/eat/drink this weekend in toronto

Happy Friday the 13th (again). Hope you all have a great week. Here’s what’s coming up this weekend if you’re still looking for things to do.

Do: You can go to the Junos! I don’t know why that sounds so crazy to me but you can purchase tickets and go to the Junos. They’re happening in Hamilton and tickets are still available for Sundays event.

See: Canada Blooms starts this Friday at the Direct Energy Centre. I always find the flower displays really remarkable. Also, it means Spring is coming! Tickets are available online or at the doors.

Eat/Drink: It’s St. Patrick’s Day on Wednesday so there will be lots of people celebrating in the city (including yours truly). There’s still tickets to St. Partys Day at Brasaii, the annual Carlsburg sponsored event.

Have a fabulous weekend!

March 6-8: what to do/see/eat/drink this weekend in toronto

Happy Friday everyone! I can’t believe it’s the weekend already, the first full weekend in March! Here’s some things going on this weekend.

Do: The TO Sketch Fest began yesterday and runs until the 15th. Tickets start at $10 at shows in multiple venues. The event is celebrating it’s 10th anniversary with dozens of shows happening over the 10 days.

See: This weekend is the closing weekend of Obsidian Theatre’s show “The Wild Party“. Unfortunately, I missed this production but had a great time when I saw their production of The Mountaintop a few months ago. Tickets are available for shows at the Berkeley Theatre.

Eat/Drink: This weekend is the Toronto Sushi Festival. Early bird tickets are sold out but tickets will be available at the door. $30 gets you into the event, and includes 5 food tokens. There will be food and beer available for purchase at the event. The event takes place at the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre, near Don Mills and Eglinton.

Have a fabulous weekend!


dining out: smith

I mentioned in last week’s Thirsty Thursday that I went out for Winterlicious this year to a great place called Smith. On Church, just north of Wellesley is this charming restaurant I’ll be honest, that I had never heard of before looking up places to go (guess that’s the whole point of winterlicious). I should have got this post up a little earlier, but this place is totally worth checking out throughout the whole year.

For my $25 meal, I started with the salad which had sharp cheddar and candied nuts in it. It was pretty good, my friend got the gumbo that would be great if you loved seafood and my other friend got the tomato soup which was also really good.

For my main, I got the half hen with a cheddar biscuit. The hen was so moist and juicy and the skin was so tasty, KFC has got nothing on this place. The coleslaw was good, I didn’t really try the hot sauce, I’m not a spice fan but other people at the table seemed to like it.

IMG_0114.JPGMy favourite part was definitely the dessert. This adorable, lemon dessert was almost like a pie in a mason jar. It had a shortbread crust, lemon curd, a fruit I think was raspberry and bruleed meringue. it was so good, I could have had several of them.
IMG_0115.JPGI’m really looking forward to coming back. They have this dessert on their menu full time, I may just go eat that. They also have a really great looking brunch menu The service was also really great. The restaurant was small but there is a bar upstairs, it would be a great place for a date or with a small group of friends.

Have you been to Smiths? Where did you check out during Winterlicious?


February 13-16: what to do/see/eat/drink this weekend in toronto

Happy looooooooong weekend! Also, Happy Friday the 13th, Happy Valentine’s Day and Happy Family Day! There’s lots going on this weekend, for those celebrating valentine’s day and those couldn’t care less. Here’s a mix of both for the weekend if you’re still looking for something to do.

Do: Tomorrow night for Valentine’s Day, SPiN is hosting a “spin the paddle” event for singles. Entrance is free to the event and there’s delicious Valentine’s themed food available for the night. Already have a partner? No worries, you can book a table for the night for some friendly competition with your Valentine.

See: This weekend is the Toronto Black Film festival. It takes place at Carlton Place all weekend with tickets starting at $10. There will be shorts, documentaries and full-length features and a number of panels throughout the festival. Ticket information is available online.

Eat: Looking for a way to warm up on what is supposed to be a (really) cold weekend? The distillery district is hosting heatfest, a comfort food truck event happening on Family Day. Admission to the event is free and they have events happening throughout the day to stay warm.

Drink: Looking for a beer-filled event for your valentine’s day? Mill St in the distillery is hosting Brew Lovers Ball with a prix fixe, live music, a burlesque show and of course, beer! Basically, the best valentine’s day ever.

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!

January 30-February 1: what to do/see/eat/drink this weekend in toronto

Happy Friday! We’re at the end of January! So crazy. There’s lots going on in the city this weekend! Here’s a few options if you’re still looking for something to do (a lot a drink-related so bear with me).

Do: Tonight is anniversary bevvy for the Society of Beer Drinking Ladies, the event is sold out but men and non-ticket holders are allowed in after midnight. Check twitter for the location!

See: This one could really fall under eat and drink because that’s really why I watch but this Sunday is the Super Bowl. Whether you like football or not, its a great opportunity to get together with people and eat delicious food and drink delicious drinks. Tons of bars throughout the city will be showing the game in case you don’t want to clean up after the game.

Eat: This Sunday begins the annual La Poutine Week in the city (and in cities across the country). Check the website to see which restaurants have special poutines for the week and you can vote for your favourite, it’s a great reason to eat a ton of poutine!

Drink: Another sold out beer event is happening this weekend in Toronto. The Roundhouse Winter Craft Beer Festival is taking place at, you guessed it, the Roundhouse outside of Steam Whistle. Tickets online are sold out but there will be 100 tickets available at the door and Steam Whistle says it may be possible to buy tickets later in the day as people move through the event.

Have a fabulous weekend!

dining out: terroni

Late last week, I went to Terroni on Adelaide for dinner. I had been looking forward to trying it for a while so I was excited for this meal. The Adelaide location is unique because it’s in an old court house and some of those elements are still there, like the ‘jail’ bathrooms.

We started with an appetizer, the mezzo e mezzo which was a meat and cheese board. Everything on the board was tasty, the house made salami was a little too hot for my taste but I enjoyed the proscuitto and delicious cheese. This board also had honey on it, which seemed unusual at first but I liked it was the pear and cheese.


I’ve mentioned it before, and it may even be included in a bio or two that I’m a fan of carbs so I was excited for fresh made pasta (particularly after a failed attempt of trying to do it myself a few weeks ago). I checked out the menu and I was so tempted to get the limone pasta, something I’d probably never make at home but I also don’t see myself making a ragu that takes hours to cook so I went with that.


It was SOO good. The pasta was so fresh and the ragu melted in my mouth. I will definitely go back and try the limone, just to make sure I got it right. I was there on Thursday night around 8, there was a DJ and the place was really busy. I expected it to be a bit fancier but it was nice, some people were dressed like they were coming from work (like me) and other people were more casual in jeans but the place was definitely buzzing the whole time I was there. I would recommend this place if you’re looking for a delicious and fresh Italian dinner.

Have you been to Terroni? What did you think?


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January 21-23: what to do/see/eat/drink this weekend in toronto

Hope you’re all having a fabulous week. Here’s what’s coming up for this last full weekend of January.

Do: Looking to change things up for the Spring (it’s coming, I know it is), the Interior Design Show is happening this weekend at the Metro Convention Centre, with things for industry and the general public there’s something for everyone to make some updates.

See: The #artlive ball is this Saturday at the Harbourfront Centre. This 19+ event is a show between the House of Nuance and the House of Monroe. The event runs from 8pm until late and tickets are available online.

Eat/Drink: Tonight, Chefs for Change begins their series of dinners with local food and drink in support of Community Food Centres Canada and their mission to providing healthy food for all. Tickets are available online for their upcoming events.

Have a great weekend!

dining out: aji sai thornhill

I’ve mentioned before I really enjoy All-You-Can-Eat sushi. I love it for a long dinner with friends with lots of time to catch up and out eat each other. I also know that all-you-can-eat can be hit-or-miss on quality, when it is so cheap, sometimes quality can be affected but at Aji Sai, that’s not the case.

There are a couple of Aji Sais in the Toronto area. I’ve been to the one on Queen St and it’s pretty good but I think the one in Thornhill is even better. If you live North of the city or have a car, it’s definitely worth checking out. I’ve been a couple of times and each time the quality is noticeable. The fish is really fresh, I wouldn’t think I would be able to tell but I definitely noticed a difference.

That is merely a sampling of the sushi we got. I couldn’t show you all of it, I don’t think my phone would have enough memory to hold that many photos ;). We ordered… a lot. And it was all delicious. The price is also very competitive, it is $22.99 for the weekend.

The only downside with Aji Sai is the service isn’t great. The servers are friendly but it is really slow. It is really hard to get someone’s attention to order, the food comes within a reasonable amount of time but just be aware that it will probably be a long meal. I’ve gone for lunch and dinner and found that both times it was slow but delicious so worth it once in a while.


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