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thirsty thursday: eephus

In case you missed it, this past sunday was the most recent installment of detox to retox at Left Field Brewery. I love their baseball theme. I’ve been to a few beer tastings so I don’t usually learn too much more about beer but I definitely learned more about baseball  this weekend.

This week’s thirsty thursday is called Eephus, which apparently the name of a weird pitch, usually only seen in the majors once a year. The beer on the other hand is popping up everywhere, one of their brews that is available in a few LCBOs across the city. I’m not sure if my palette is growing after getting into craft beer, but a couple years ago I probably would have avoided this beer because it’s so dark.


This is their oatmeal brown ale. I expected it to be very heavy based on the colour but it was much lighter than I expected. It was still full of flavour, you could definitely taste the hints of the oatmeal in it.

I would definitely recommend this beer if you love brown ales, or you’re not quite sure if you do and want to give it a try – this is a great one to start with.

detox to retox III  

This weekend was our third detox to retox and we had it at the newly opened Left Field Brewery in Leslieville. They have only been open for a few weeks and we were their first event. The baseball nerds behind Left Field Brewery are Mandie and Matt, an adorable couple with a love of beer. They have a beautiful space for events, and delicious beer to boot.

a photo from the tipsy teachers.

Beer is so much more refreshing after a good sun salutation.

This event was sold out, which means we had 35 beer and yoga lovers to spend sunday funday with! I want to thank Left Field Brewery for allowing us to host a detox to retox as their first event in their space, it definitely won’t be our last time with them!

Did you miss out on this weekend’s event? Well, fear not, because next Saturday we take detox to retox to the water! That’s right, yoga on a boat followed by a beer cruise! It’s going to be amazing – get your tickets before they’re gone! Hope to see you there!


thirsty thursday: frisky beaver

I had dinner with some lovely bloggers a couple of weeks ago at tabule and they have free corkage fees (one of the best things ever).

The lovely Casey from Waffling Blog brought the Frisky Beaver, I think entirely because of the name and I’m ok with that! I didn’t have too much of the wine (I was driving) but my little sample was really good.

We had the Frisky Beaver White, which is a blend of several wines. It was a really nice wine. It wasn’t overly sweet but also didn’t make me pucker. The wine is fruity, and would be great with light meals like seafood and mild curries.

Have you tried the Frisky Beaver? What did you think?

thirsty thursday: detox to retox part III

Happy Thursday – we’re almost a full week into May, it is crazy!

This week’s Thirsty Thursday not about a specific drink but about the next detox to retox. The ladies of Schoolhouse Booze and I are excited that the next one is just over two weeks away.

If you’re not familiar with Detox to Retox, it’s a instructor-led yoga class followed by a beer tasting. If you’ve never had beer after a solid work out, you’re truly missing out. If you want to read up on how awesome the first two were, check out detox to retox part I and detox to retox part two.

The next one will be at Left Field Brewery. We’re so excited to bring detox to retox to Left Field’s new and long awaited brewery. Left Field Brewery is located near Greenwood and Gerrard and I could be mistaken but this might just be their first event since opening. You have seen Left Field at festivals in the past but their bottle shop is now open and they’re just as excited as we are to host the next detox. So come out, get bendy for some delicious local beer.

Get your tickets now, before they’re gone!

eating all the things at bareburger

Last week I had the chance to try Bareburger at a private tasting. I hadn’t heard of the restaurant before, the first Canadian location of a New York chain. We had a chance to meet the franchisee and the owner of the original locations, as well as some of the suppliers and the executive chef. The team was really down to earth, answering any questions about their message and their food. They were happy to share their Bareburger story. The restaurant is decorated using beautiful reclaimed wood, it has a casual vibe to it.

Bareburger prides itself on using the fresh and organic ingredients. We had the meal “family style” although that’s not how they usually serve it so the portions may look a little crazy in the pictures. Upon arrival, we had some iced tea and lemonade, I’d highly recommend the white peach – black tea raspberry. We started with the sweet potato fries and onion rings with more sauces than I knew what to do with. These were probably the best sweet potato fries I’ve ever had in my life. Definitely one of my favourite items. I got through them so quickly, I just have a picture of the sauces.

Next we had two salad, their Cali Fresh and the Guapo Chop  (they added fried chicken). I just had the Cali Fresh because avocado makes me itchy but everyone at the table was raving about it. I think it’s definitely something that if you like guacamole/avocado you would really enjoy. The Cali Fresh was an interesting (and delicious) salad with cauliflower hummus and red quinoa.

IMG_0433.JPG IMG_0436.JPG
Next it was time for the poutine, which they added brisket too. It was really good. The gravy was very light, almost more like an au jus rather than a heavy beef gravy. It was tasty – I ate a lot of it.

Next it was time for the “burgers”. The first one was one of their vegetarian option, the farmstead. It was a sweet potato, wild rice and hummus wrapped in a collard green. Turns out, I’m not a fan of collard green but the filling was delicious. It is vegan and gluten free.

We also tried the ‘standard’, the ‘blue elk’ and the ‘el matador’ (which I skipped again because of the avocado). I was also too full by this point to take any photos. I’m sorry. I may have also had ice cream sandwiches on my minds. The standard burger was really good, very meaty with a great sauce and the blue elk was interesting. It was the first time I had elk, much lighter than I would have expected.

We finished the evening off with two desserts (totally necessary). We had chocolate milkshakes and ice cream sandwiches. I love ice cream sandwiches so regardless of being so full, I had to try at least one. We didn’t know what each of them were – I picked up what looked like a snickerdoodle and took a bite. And the ice cream? It was roasted marshmallow – not just marshmallow but ROASTED marshmallow. I don’t know what sorcery he used to make it but it was so good.

I really enjoyed my evening at Bareburger. The food was really good and the service was great.

Have you been to Bareburger? What did you have?

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brewery bingo

You heard me! Brewery Bingo – because why not?

I went to Brewery Bingo a couple of weeks ago at Junction Brewery, in, of course, the Junction. We got there a little late (#northyorkproblems) but were quickly welcomed to the bingo table. If you’ve ever been to bingo at a regular bingo hall, you would know that people can get very intense about their bingo, that was not the case here. This was just some people who love beer and (probably to a lesser extent) bingo.

Bingo was free, you just had to pay for your beer. There was also delicious snacks, I may have eaten way too many chips and cookies – maybe in the same bite. There was also fun prizes, two of my friends won prizes – one of them winning the full card.

Junction Brewery is hosting the next brewery bingo next Thursday at 7pm, I’d definitely recommend it if you love craft beer – love of bingo is not a requirement, you’ll probably love it by the end!

thirsty thursday: old fashioned

Last week, I attended an event at Citizen for Canadian Club. I got the chance to sample a bunch of ryes. I never really considered myself a rye person, and I think it was because I was doing it all wrong. One day, I will build a bar in my house and I will drink this as I contemplate life: this is an old fashioned.


Super simple to make – one (or two shots) of Canadian Club, 1/2 shot of simple syrup, couples splashes of bitters (not entire sure what this is but apparently it needs to be on your bar) and a lemon peel. I chose to have mine with a large round ice cube. I love the round ice cubes, I think they look so sophisticated in a drink like this. I bought a few molds for my friend from chapters (of all places). Chapters also has round balls for your drink if you want to chill it but are a purist and don’t want to use ice, you can use amazeballs.

I’m really glad I went to this event and discovered a new drink I enjoy.

Have you ever thought you didn’t like a drink but now it’s a regular in your rotation?

March 27-29: what to do/see/eat/drink in toronto this weekend

Happy Friday everyone! My Thirsty Thursday post didn’t go up because I went to brewery bingo, which was great but more about that later! Here’s what’s going on this weekend if you’re looking for things to do this weekend.

Do: This weekend is the One of a Kind Spring Show at the Direct Energy Centre. Get out and meet the artists and shop locally for lots of items like jewelry, food, art and more! The show runs until Sunday.

See: The Canadian Film Fest is on until tomorrow. All movies are showing on in Little Italy at The Royal Theatre, shows are restricted to 18+ and can be purchased online.

Eat/Drink: Tonight is the 14th Society of Beer Drinking Ladies. The venue has been announced as Propeller Coffee on Wade, near Landsdowne Station. Tickets are sold out but men and non-ticket holders are allowed after midnight.

Have a fabulous weekend!

monday link love

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you had a great weekend and enjoyed the mild day. Here’s some links I loved this week.

Lemon – delicious. Blueberries – delicious. Glazed Lemon and Dried Blueberry Cookies – super delicious. Seasons and Suppers has got a great looking recipe.

Want something fun and green but not having any booze, check out The Sweet Escape’s no churn pistachio ice cream.

And if you’re trying to decide between to green or not to green, check out Schoolhouse Booze’s Go Green on March Seventeen?

March 13-15: what to do/see/eat/drink this weekend in toronto

Happy Friday the 13th (again). Hope you all have a great week. Here’s what’s coming up this weekend if you’re still looking for things to do.

Do: You can go to the Junos! I don’t know why that sounds so crazy to me but you can purchase tickets and go to the Junos. They’re happening in Hamilton and tickets are still available for Sundays event.

See: Canada Blooms starts this Friday at the Direct Energy Centre. I always find the flower displays really remarkable. Also, it means Spring is coming! Tickets are available online or at the doors.

Eat/Drink: It’s St. Patrick’s Day on Wednesday so there will be lots of people celebrating in the city (including yours truly). There’s still tickets to St. Partys Day at Brasaii, the annual Carlsburg sponsored event.

Have a fabulous weekend!