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thirsty thursday: dukes refresher’s snakebite

Happy Thursday everyone. This week’s thirsty thursday is from a restaurant that’s been on my list for a while. I checked out Dukes Refresher over the holiday weekend because I knew they had an extensive list of craft beers. I was even more excited when I found their list of beer cocktails. They listed a snake bite, which I’ve mentioned before and I’ve mentioned how hard it is for me to find it made properly. They called theirs the Canadian snakebite and the modifications worked great for me.

the “canadian” snakebite

This snakebite was made with Canadian, Somersby and black currant cordial (I know, I was so excited for craft beer but ended up with the opposite, but…. cordial!). It was everything I could have hoped for. I was so happy with it, I may have ordered a second. Dukes Refresher is located attached to the new Aura condos at Yonge and Gerrard, next to Scaddabush and Reds.

Have you been to Dukes? Did you try one of their cocktails?

thirsty thursday: shock top

So… I was trying to pick the drink for this week, very difficult decision and I had some shock top in my fridge and I thought, I must have done it before but apparently not! I’ve done their raspberry wheat and their shandy but never their actually beer (which is even funnier because I’ve heard rumours they’re discontinuing the other two.

So… of course, this week’s beer is the shock top. This belgian white style beer is excellent for the patio, I know we’re running out of those days but there’s still (hopefully) a few good ones left. The beer is a light wheat beer with a hint of citrus. I usually like to enjoy mine with an orange but I didn’t have any so I just had to enjoy the beer this evening!

beer shock top

Have you tried the shock top? Are you a fan of ‘white’ beers?

June 13-15: what to do/see/eat/drink this weekend in toronto

Hello everybody! I’m so sorry the blog has been quiet this week, time really got away from me. I missed yesterday’s Thirsty Thursday but next week will be a double edition so it makes up for it, right? :)

It’s Craft Beer Week in Ontario, so you may notice a theme in this week’s post.

Do: Tonight and tomorrow is Session Toronto. Tickets are still avaialble online and they’re cheaper than at the door. The event will take place tonight from 6pm-10pm at Yonge Dundas Square and runs tomorrow from 5pm-9pm. There will be (craft) beer, food and live music, a great way to find a new love. I mean beer, but they’re basically the same thing, right?

See: If you’re looking to explore a festival just a little outside the city, King City’s Craft Beer and Food Truck Festival has you covered. There will be craft beer vendors, food trucks and a full day of musical performances. You can purchase tickets online (and you have until noon to get discounted ones for the craft beer portion). The event begins at noon and runs until 9:30pm.

Eat: Beach BBQ & Brews Festival is happening at Woodbine Park. This event runs all weekend starting this evening and will have BBQ and beer of course as well as live music and a children’s area. Best of all, admission is free although you can purchase front of the line passes, which include ribs. It sounds like a delicious time.

Drink: Starting tomorrow at Amsterdam Brewery, the brewery will be releasing a new adventure brew everyday for a week. You can get a sneak peak each day on their twitter or facebook page to see what which adventure brew is available.

Whatever you do this weekend, I hope it’s fantastic. I’d love to hear how you’re celebrating craft beer week in Ontario!

I think to try to explain this week’s song would not make any sense to anyone but me – so I hope you just enjoy this old school jam.

thirsty thursday: side launch brewing

Happy Thursday people! So far June has been (fairly) good weather wise, if you ignore some of the thunder storms but summer is basically here.

Thirsty Thursday this week is a beer I tried a couple of weeks ago – and forgot to get a picture! I know, I’m so sorry. It was even served to me on a nice coaster and I just got so excited about the beer – I forgot.

It’s Side Launch. I had never heard of it but was at beer bistro on King and they were out of the beer I was originally going to try so I decided to try this white beer. The beer is brewed in Collingwood and was really delicious. I’m a fan of white beer so as long as I’m in the mood for it, I usually enjoy it and this one did not disappoint. A little fruity and wheaty (I don’t think that’s a word but let’s go with it) I would definitely order it again or pick it up at the LCBO, where it is available as well.

Have a terrific rest of your day!

thirsty thursday: shock top raspberry white

This has been a strange week. On one hand, it felt like Thursday would never come and then on the other, it felt like it was crazy it was already Thursday. Ever have one of those weeks? No? Just me? Ok.

A couple of weeks ago, I talked about the new shock top I found at the jays game (who are doing really well but I’m afraid to admit it because I’m afraid to jynx it). Anyways, I mentioned that they had a raspberry one as well that I wanted to try. Well, I saw it at the LCBO and decided to pick one up to try.

raspberry wheat
raspberry wheat


I really enjoyed it, like all flavoured beer, I can’t drink lots of them in one sitting but I will definitely purchase this one again. I’ve had the Amsterdam KLB Raspberry Wheat and found that in comparison this one had more of a raspberry taste and didn’t really taste like a strong wheat beer. I’d consider this another summer drink, one that I will mostly likely enjoy again while at a jay game.

Have a great Thursday!

drinkstarter: sinkers

sinkers kickstarter

Last week I had a post about kickstarter for a short film called “sinkers“. The kickstarter is to raise money for just about every aspect of the film’s production and there’s still time to help support the campaign.

Another great way you can help support the campaign is by attending their drinkstarter. On Tuesday, May 20th, the Monarch Tavern on Clinton will host a drinkstarter for this campaign.

What’s a drinkstarter? On that night, between 7pm-2am, a dollar from every drink sold will go towards the “sinkers” campaign. As probably mentioned in the past, I am a huge fan of drinking with purpose, it just makes it that much more fun and this is a great (and easy) way to help get this local movie made. Tuesday is also Vinyl Nite at the Monarch Tavern, you can bring your favourite LPs and they’ll play it, a whole side at a time, you even get a discount on your pint if you bring one. Otherwise, you can just enjoy the vinyl and drink for a good cause.

If you can’t make it, you can still help fund this campaign until next weekend.

thirsty thursday: shock top’s lemon shandy

delicious shandy

I went to my 2nd jays game of the season this past Saturday and headed out to the ‘bleachers’, where I tend to watch most games now. I was about to order my go-to beer and I noticed two different coloured shock tops, in addition to the regular one, I was excited to find out what these were. Turns out, shock top now offers a lemon shandy and a raspberry wheat.

At this game, I tried the lemon shandy, save the raspberry for next time. I’ve enjoyed shandies in the past and this was no different. Last summer when I wanted a shandy, I’d have the ricards version, this one wasn’t as sweet as that one, so you could likely drink more of them if sweetness is not your thing. I would have enjoyed this beer if they had of opened the roof (it was beautiful, I still can’t believe it was cold), but I’d definitely have this again the next time I want a shandy.

delicious shandy
delicious shandy

Have you tried either of the new shock tops?


It’s no secret that I love Toronto and the local events, food, beverages and art that this city has to offer. I truly believe that this is a city that comes alive in the summer, the beautiful weather makes Toronto to to get ouside. CraveTO will provide the opportunity for Torontonians to celebrate the “official launch to patio season”. The event will have a variety of local food, local drinks and local DJs and here’s what I’m looking forward to.

outdoor patio

The food line up is quite impressive, with 15 food vendors participating. I know for sure that I will be eating perogies that night. I love perogies and even the Spicy Pierogi‘s original looks amazing, it has a lager cheese sauce! I also love roasted corn so I’m excited to try Mr. Corn – they roast their corn and cover it in a bunch of different topics. The Sweet Sammies also look so amazing. They’re homemade ice cream sandwiches, everything on their menu looks
so good, I’m excited to see what they offer at the event. I know for sure I’ll be trying out more things at the event but those are the ones I will be sure to cross off my list.

As for the beers, they’ve got five breweries in attendance. I usually like to try something new at festivals, something I wouldn’t be able to get otherwise or may not be ready to commit to yet but I’ve tried at least something from everyone at the festival so the beer will be a surprise. I’ll take surprise beer any day of the week.
There will also be 3 local DJs in attendance, Amber Long, Mike Glee and Esther Benoit. They’ll ensure the party vibe is in place throughout this delicious event.
The event is May 30th, from 5pm-11pm – a nice after work event. It’s taking place at the beautiful Wychwood Barns near Christie and St. Clair. Tickets are $16.75 and you can earn a 5% discount by sharing on social media. I’m looking forward to this tasty event!






why our liquor laws need an update

My letter to my MPP, Kathleen Wynne and the Minister of Economic Development, Trade and Employment.

I recently read the story of Mark and Mandie at Left Field Brewery from Toronto, Ontario. I first heard about this brewery when they threw an open house for their community in their future brewery site. I finally got the chance to taste them at the Spring Sessions of the Toronto Festival of Beers. I love the beer festivals in this city because it’s a great way to celebrate these hard-workings brewers making great tasting beer. It’s also a chance to try something new, learn more about beer and be social. The brewers like these events because it’s a great way to get their product out to customers and a lot of these brewers on contract brewers, meaning they rent brew space in order to make their product. It’s an easier way for them to break in to the market without putting up the huge capital needed to open their own brewers.

Problem is, these contract brewers have just been informed by the AGCO that they are not allowed to sell anywhere that is operating under a special occasion permit, which is the majority of festivals and special events. As mentioned in their post, this is special events like YumCha and the very many BEER festivals that take place across the province every year. If this law had been enforced 6 months ago, I may never have found this or other breweries that I really enjoy. It was about 3 years ago that I started going to beer festivals in the city and I’ve noticed in that time more and more communities hosting their own events because craft beer is gaining popularity. This law means that these events will have less options and the brewers will have a lower chance of meeting new customers. Not only does this law not make sense, like many of our archaic liquor laws but it is going to hurt the industry and the local economy, for no good reason.

I was recently at an event and someone asked me how I got into craft beer, and my answer was simple, at first it had nothing to do with it being craft, it was because I wanted to buy local. I think it’s extremely important to support the local economy and these contract beers are a great way to support the growing craft beer scene in our vibrant city. This law is not only bad for beer, it’s bad for business.

If you also agree that this law is ridiculous and out of date, I urge you to share your opinion the MPP in your community, before and after the election and let them know that you want to see beer, from any brewer at your beer festivals.



tafelscene: baroque + beer [giveaway]

You may remember a few months ago when I learned that “Bach is the New Black” when my friend and I attended a Tafelmusik’s Tafelscene concert. Tafelscene is Tafelmusik for people under 35, a way for the next generation to enjoy beautiful classical music. My friend and I had a great time, the music was absolutely remarkable so I’m so excited that Tafelmusik is expanding this program with “Baroque and Beer”.

This event will bring Tafelmusik to the Tranzac Club on May 15th. This smaller venue will allow the audience to experience baroque music as it was intended, in a small, party-like atmosphere. Tafelscene wants to break down the barrier between musician and audience and the Tranzac club is the perfect venue for this. The evening will feature Vivaldi’s Spring and Summer from The Four Seasons. The event is only $20 if you purchase in tickets in advance or $25 at the door and that includes two beer samples courtesy of McAuslan Brewery. Doors open at 8pm and music starts at 9pm

And now, for the giveaway! Tafelmusik has graciously provided two tickets for my one of my fabulous readers. This giveaway is for people that can make it to the event in Toronto on May 15th. Good luck!

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