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thirsty thursday: brock st. blonde

Happy Thursday everyone!

I’m excited to share this new brewery I discovered this week. It’s a new one (at least to me) out in Whitby called Brock St. Brewery. They have 3 beers available year round, and one of them is their blonde, which is the one I tried.



This award winning beer is light and refreshing. It was a great beer to enjoy in the backyard this week. I would definitely recommend checking out this brewery in Whitby, they even do deliveries for private parties in Durham Region and surrounding areas. It’s a great way to try a new beer without having to pick up the beer. I love simplicity.

Have you tried any of Brock St brewery’s beer?


thirsty thursday: sleeman lift

Happy Thursday everyone! I can’t believe we’re half way through June, which in my mind, means we’re done June.

This week’s Thirsty Thursday is brought to you by the letter S, for Sleeman Lift. What is Sleeman Lift you ask? Sleeman Lift is the newest beer to the Sleeman family, made with a hint of coconut water.

The beer is designed to be for the “performance focused”, I assume because coconut water contains tons of electrolytes. I wonder if that means this is a hangover-free beer? [I didn’t drink enough to have to worry about that :) ]. The flavour is lighter than a regular beer, and don’t worry (or sadly, depending on your opinion of coconuts), it doesn’t taste like coconut. This beer would be great for days when it’s super hot and you don’t want anything really heavy while you’re out on the patio!

Sleeman Lift is available now at the LCBO and Beer Store – have you tried this new beer? What did you think?

#thirstythursday: sunlight park

Happy Thursday. I hope you’ve all had a great week so far. This week’s Thirsty Thursday comes once again from Left Field Brewery.

This adorably named beer is called Sunlight Park, after Toronto’s first professional baseballpark. This is one of the brewery’s lightest beers and definitely one of my favourites. With an IBU of 22, it’s light, not bitter and great for the summer.


Fun fact – because I love fun facts – they hand-zest 1kg of grapefruit zest for every batch of Sunlight Park. I’d suggest going by Left Field Brewery and picking up a few bottles for your next backyard/patio session!

Have you tried the Sunlight Park? What did you think?

detox to retox III  

This weekend was our third detox to retox and we had it at the newly opened Left Field Brewery in Leslieville. They have only been open for a few weeks and we were their first event. The baseball nerds behind Left Field Brewery are Mandie and Matt, an adorable couple with a love of beer. They have a beautiful space for events, and delicious beer to boot.

a photo from the tipsy teachers.

Beer is so much more refreshing after a good sun salutation.

This event was sold out, which means we had 35 beer and yoga lovers to spend sunday funday with! I want to thank Left Field Brewery for allowing us to host a detox to retox as their first event in their space, it definitely won’t be our last time with them!

Did you miss out on this weekend’s event? Well, fear not, because next Saturday we take detox to retox to the water! That’s right, yoga on a boat followed by a beer cruise! It’s going to be amazing – get your tickets before they’re gone! Hope to see you there!


brewery bingo

You heard me! Brewery Bingo – because why not?

I went to Brewery Bingo a couple of weeks ago at Junction Brewery, in, of course, the Junction. We got there a little late (#northyorkproblems) but were quickly welcomed to the bingo table. If you’ve ever been to bingo at a regular bingo hall, you would know that people can get very intense about their bingo, that was not the case here. This was just some people who love beer and (probably to a lesser extent) bingo.

Bingo was free, you just had to pay for your beer. There was also delicious snacks, I may have eaten way too many chips and cookies – maybe in the same bite. There was also fun prizes, two of my friends won prizes – one of them winning the full card.

Junction Brewery is hosting the next brewery bingo next Thursday at 7pm, I’d definitely recommend it if you love craft beer – love of bingo is not a requirement, you’ll probably love it by the end!

thirsty thursday: black oak brown nut ale

Better late than never! It’s still technically Thursday, right? :)

This week’s Thirsty Thursday is a beer that honestly, I didn’t think I’d like. I don’t typically drink darker beers but this one was really nice. This dark and malty beer is really nice and lighter than I expected. I usually expect dark beers to be heavy and hoppy but the malt was definitely stronger taste coming through, with hints of chocolate and coffee.

 This 5% beer is available at the LCBO is 600ML bottles for $4.95.

Have you tried Black Oak? What did you think?

detox to retox: part two

This past weekend, I hosted the 2nd Detox to Retox with Schoolhouse Booze at the Junction Brewery and it was fantastic! In case you missed my last post, basically we start with a yoga class in the brewery and move on to beer tasting.


I really wanted to do this post just to say thank you to Sean from Junction Brewery and our awesome teacher Marnie. If you haven’t been to Junction Brewery, they’re open every weekend selling beer. They also host a ton of events at their space and you can find them at events around the city. Their beer is also available across the city and at a few LCBOs.

learning about beer

Sean was super informative. We tried a few beers and took a litre growler home with us. Junction Brewery knows how to treat us yogis! I’m not sure there’s a more beautiful site than lines of beers waiting for you at the end of a class. Namaste indeed.

my beautiful besties at detox to retox

feeling refreshed!

I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who came out this weekend! We’ll be hosting another one in the near future a different brewery and I promise to keep you posted. Big thank you to Sean and Marnie and of course the lovely ladies over at SchoolHouse Booze, be sure to check out their site, they’ve got another event coming up in a couple of weeks.


thirsty thursday: conductor’s craft ale

A couple weeks ago, the Tipsy Teachers and I went to Junction Brewery to check out the space for Detox to Retox coming up on March 1st. While I was there, it only made sense to pick up some beer. I grabbed a couple of bottles and the first one is conductor’s craft ale.

Junction Brewery is located conveniently in the Junction 😉 . They pride themselves on making unique and delicious beers. You can stop into their brewery where they have a few regulars and many different beers, their website is updated frequently with their special brews. This pale ale is made from 5 hops and 5 malts and has a bold, crisp flavour. It is a little hoppier than I normally drink. I would highly recommend this beer if you’re a fan of hoppy pale ales.

You can also try Conductor’s Craft Ale at Detox to Retox, get your tickets now!

thirsty thursday: sweetwater squeeze radler

Well, we are rounding out January… so the perfect time for a radler? No, that’s not right… but we can do what we want! I love radlers – beer and fruit is my jam. I had tried this beer back in the summer but we got to sample it at the last Detox to Retox.



Most radlers are made with grapefruit but their Amsterdam radler is unique because it is blood orange. It is also higher in alcohol content than most radlers, the ones I’ve had are around 3%, some even less than 3%. This 3.8% radler has a great blood orange taste, which isn’t overly sweet. I definitely recommend this radler for a beautiful summer day, or a day where you just want to feel like a beautiful summer day.

Have you tried this radler? What did you think?

bendy for beer: Detox to Retox TO

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I was hosting Detox to Retox with the awesome girls from SchoolHouse Booze. Well, Sunday was finally the day and it was just as much fun as I was hoping it would be. We started with a yoga class, in the Amsterdam Brewery. Amsterdam makes some of my favourite beers like Amsterdam Blonde, and a few that I tried this weekend and will share in the future. The class was taught by the wonderful Agnes and she led a great 60 minute class. I’m still feeling it (I think that means its working, I hope that means its working).

amsterdam brewery, yoga, toronto, detox to retox
our view for the class

 Just showing off my moves after our class. I wore my new workout clothes I bought on sale at Old Navy, I love adorable work out clothes, it makes me actually want to work out.

Carlisle was our awesome host from Amsterdam Brewery. He led our tasting of several delicious Amsterdam beers including their Adventure Brew that is only available for a limited time. From the first sip of beer, I knew that yoga and beer was a great idea. Our first sample was of the Blonde which I know well and love but following a yoga class it seemed even more refreshing than usual. He was also kind enough to take us on a tour of the brewery. I love seeing where one of my favourite things come from.

Untitled design (1)

Our first Detox to Retox was so much fun, I can’t wait to do it again! Huge thank you to everyone who came out to our first event, I’m glad so many people have the same love for yoga and beer as I do. It was a great Sunday afternoon meeting other yogis/beer enthusiasts – all of varying degrees! Also, thank you to my co-hosts, Ashley and Rachel at SchoolHouse Booze and to Amsterdam Brewery! Our next class is in March, details will be released soon. I hope to see you all there.