2 book posts in one week?! Craziness, I know but I had been waiting for the Millionaire Teacher from the library for months so I had to make sure I finished it and it was definitely worth the wait.

While I still think everyone should start with Wealthing Like Rabbits, as it’s the perfect introduction, I think Millionaire Teacher is the next book every young person should read. Millionaire Teacher is written by, fittingly, a Millionaire Teacher, who explains the basics of investing. I found it really help me understand the different types of stocks and bonds available and I’ve even decided to take his advice (wish me luck).

Even if you decide not to start investing the way he does, it’s an interesting perspective on the issues with stock markets and the problems with the attitudes people usually take when investing.

It’s a fairly quick read, if you’ve ever wanted a run down on investing, I would recommend reading the Millionaire Teacher, just be prepared for a long wait if you’re getting it from TPL.

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