I know, I’m waaaay behind on reading “Girl on the Train”, but it was available at the library for my ereader (which I’ve been having a ton of problems with but that’s a rant for another time). This book was slated as the next “Gone Girl” and I can see why. The story is set up in a narrative I really enjoy, with multiple people narrating different sections of the book.

The story is not surprisingly, about a girl who takes a train every day to work, passing by houses, and we’ve all done it, creating stories about the people she sees everyday, while also constantly passing her old house, where she lived with her ex-husband. She struggles to get her life on track after the divorce and looks to find purpose in her life again. The mystery around her life, her ex-husband’s life and the characters she creates makes for an interesting story with twists I definitely did not see coming. This was a novel that I had a hard time putting down and read really quickly.

So, if you’re behind like me and wondering if it’s worth picking up – I would recommend it, particularly if you like that style of novel.

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