Now, I love me some all-you-can-eat sushi, rows of salmon and yam tempura rolls but we all know it’s not the best sushi. It’s perfectly serviceable but recently we treated ourselves to some real sushi and went to Miku. Miku is located downtown, on Queen’s Quay and is originally from the Vancouver area.

As with any sushi dinner, we started off with edamame, but garlic chili soy edamame, which was delicious but tremendously messy.


I also tried the Kale Goma-ae, which was a kale salad, served in a similar style to a seaweed salad. It was very tasty, with a strong seseme flavour.


My fiance had the miso marinated tofu salad, which I didn’t try because I’m not a fan of tofu but he really liked. He said the tofu was prepared perfectly. The salad was fairly large for an appetizer, easily could have been a meal with some apps on the side. He also had the prime rib for dinner, we had heard it was good, the meat was nice but the potatoes were amazing. I can’t even imagine how much butter were in them but they were tasty.

I had the sushi platter, chef’s choice with additional salmon torched sushis. I had the torched ones before and knew they were my favourite. I’ve decided next time, I’m only getting the torched ones – it’s my favourite part so why not make it the entire meal.


I can’t believe we didn’t take a photo of dessert, we must have been too excited but it was absolutely beautiful. Everything that went by looked good but we finally settled on the ichogo mochi dome. It was probably one of the best desserts I’ve ever had, definitely the best dessert I’ve ever had in the city. It melted in your mouth, with the mochi and whipped cream made from condensed milk. It also had a walnut brown sugar cookie that provided the perfect little crunch. We shared dessert but both agreed that we would have to get our own next time, it was just too good (despite how full we were).

If you’re looking for a nice night out, I would definitely recommend Miku, the food and service is absolutely incredible.

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