Month: September 2017

read: millionaire teacher

2 book posts in one week?! Craziness, I know but I had been waiting for the Millionaire Teacher from the library for months so I had to make sure I finished it and it was definitely worth the wait.

While I still think everyone should start with Wealthing Like Rabbits, as it’s the perfect introduction, I think Millionaire Teacher is the next book every young person should read. Millionaire Teacher is written by, fittingly, a Millionaire Teacher, who explains the basics of investing. I found it really help me understand the different types of stocks and bonds available and I’ve even decided to take his advice (wish me luck).

Even if you decide not to start investing the way he does, it’s an interesting perspective on the issues with stock markets and the problems with the attitudes people usually take when investing.

It’s a fairly quick read, if you’ve ever wanted a run down on investing, I would recommend reading the Millionaire Teacher, just be prepared for a long wait if you’re getting it from TPL.

dining out: miku

Now, I love me some all-you-can-eat sushi, rows of salmon and yam tempura rolls but we all know it’s not the best sushi. It’s perfectly serviceable but recently we treated ourselves to some real sushi and went to Miku. Miku is located downtown, on Queen’s Quay and is originally from the Vancouver area.

As with any sushi dinner, we started off with edamame, but garlic chili soy edamame, which was delicious but tremendously messy.


I also tried the Kale Goma-ae, which was a kale salad, served in a similar style to a seaweed salad. It was very tasty, with a strong seseme flavour.


My fiance had the miso marinated tofu salad, which I didn’t try because I’m not a fan of tofu but he really liked. He said the tofu was prepared perfectly. The salad was fairly large for an appetizer, easily could have been a meal with some apps on the side. He also had the prime rib for dinner, we had heard it was good, the meat was nice but the potatoes were amazing. I can’t even imagine how much butter were in them but they were tasty.

I had the sushi platter, chef’s choice with additional salmon torched sushis. I had the torched ones before and knew they were my favourite. I’ve decided next time, I’m only getting the torched ones – it’s my favourite part so why not make it the entire meal.


I can’t believe we didn’t take a photo of dessert, we must have been too excited but it was absolutely beautiful. Everything that went by looked good but we finally settled on the ichogo mochi dome. It was probably one of the best desserts I’ve ever had, definitely the best dessert I’ve ever had in the city. It melted in your mouth, with the mochi and whipped cream made from condensed milk. It also had a walnut brown sugar cookie that provided the perfect little crunch. We shared dessert but both agreed that we would have to get our own next time, it was just too good (despite how full we were).

If you’re looking for a nice night out, I would definitely recommend Miku, the food and service is absolutely incredible.

read: girl on the train

I know, I’m waaaay behind on reading “Girl on the Train”, but it was available at the library for my ereader (which I’ve been having a ton of problems with but that’s a rant for another time). This book was slated as the next “Gone Girl” and I can see why. The story is set up in a narrative I really enjoy, with multiple people narrating different sections of the book.

The story is not surprisingly, about a girl who takes a train every day to work, passing by houses, and we’ve all done it, creating stories about the people she sees everyday, while also constantly passing her old house, where she lived with her ex-husband. She struggles to get her life on track after the divorce and looks to find purpose in her life again. The mystery around her life, her ex-husband’s life and the characters she creates makes for an interesting story with twists I definitely did not see coming. This was a novel that I had a hard time putting down and read really quickly.

So, if you’re behind like me and wondering if it’s worth picking up – I would recommend it, particularly if you like that style of novel.