It’s prom season. It’s something that doesn’t really dawn on me now that I’m many years out of high school…

But I was pretty prom obsessed. I was the treasurer on my prom committee so basically the nerd of the prom committee but it basically launched my career. And I often forget how stressful it was, the hair, the make up, the shoes, the dress and all the other little details. 

So I was excited to hear about The Corsage Project, a charity that helps girls from underserved parts of the city have one less stress in high school, how they’ll be able to afford their prom outfit. I went to see the selection process today and it was truly exciting. This year, 250 deserving girls had the opportunity to select a brand new prom dress as well as jewelery, shoes, and accessories. 

This morning at the TRL, the Bluma Appel Salon was turned into a prom paradise. Rows and rows of dresses and shoes perfectly organized, by size and colour. Each girl got matched with a “fairy godmother” that helps her find everything she needs. 

It was awesome to see all the girls trying on their dresses, taking piles of them to try on and then matching them to everything else. 

It’s a fun project that is always looking for support, either by monetary donation or items such as new formal wear, accessories, new make up or services such as hair, make up and nail services. 

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