I went and got my sweat on tonight! I was invited to try the new spin classes at Spokehaus this month so I filled up my water bottle, found my favourite workout clothes and headed down to Dan Leckie Way (near City Place) to try out the classes.

The studio isn’t very big, there’s one room with the bikes, a couple of change rooms and a locker area. Upon arrival, you’ll sign in and get your shoes. When you register online you pick your bike so you don’t have to worry about getting there early to get your favourite spot, just make sure you sign up early. I would also say, unless you can’t, try to come in your workout clothes, the change room although very nice and stocked with lots of toiletries, it isn’t very big.

People from the class before me were coming out covered in sweat, basically like they had all been in a hot yoga room, I was starting to get worried. I went into the room, found my bike and with the help of the very friendly staff, I got set up and locked in. On the bike was a fresh towel and a set of small weights. The class is 45 minutes in a dark room, with very loud music. The music is very important to the classes at Spokehaus – it’s like a workout in a club (without people touching you). If you ever watched Kimmy Schmidt, it’s like a legitimate version of the spin class on the show, you know, without the grossness at the end.

Although I’m not a very active person and the class was difficult for me, it wasn’t impossible and the time went by pretty quick, two things I look for in a workout. As the class was ending, two staff members came in with cool towels which felt amazing and smelled like aloe, possibly. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it but it was so refreshing.

The class was over and I took of my shoes, grabbed the stuff from my locker and watched the steam come off my body. It was a great workout in a lovely facility, definitely worth checking out if you like a more energetic workout.

You can sign up for Spokehaus here and for a limited time, your first time is free.

Have you tried Spokehaus? What did you think?

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