Happy New Years Eve, Eve! Again, not sure if it’s a thing, but I’m going with it! Also, I totally posted last week’s Thirsty Thursday a day early because I totally thought it was Thursday. The holidays always mess me up.

I’m sure many people are working on their new years resolutions. I don’t like to make resolutions exactly but I like to set goals every year. Most time I don’t achieve ALL of them but a few is a good start. I like writing them down and crossing them out. One of my goals this year is to walk 50,000 steps a week, I know it won’t be easy but I really want to be healthier – maybe you all will help me stick to it.

I’ve mentioned Jessica Moorhouse in the past. She’s the awesome personal finance blogger turned podcaster and now she’s got a challenge to help you keep a few of your resolutions. She’s teamed up with fitness coach Jaclyn Phillips to bring you the Rich & Fit 21-Day Challenge. Start the new year off right with this personal finance and fitness challenge. Who doesn’t love a little challenge and competition? Every day, starting on January 10th (give you a couple of days to get back into your routine after the holidays), they’ll send you a video for the challenge.


Best of all, this challenge is FREE! It doesn’t get any better than that. I’ll be participating in the challenge so I’ll provide some updates as I go, hopefully it goes well!

You can find more information and sign up at www.richandfitchallenge.com!

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