I am one of those people that is addicted to being busy. I need to feel like I’m constantly being productive. If I’m at home, it’s very easy for me to have three screens going (phone, tv and computer) like I do right now, I’m even one of those people who sleeps with the TV on to have the background noise. I find silence a little eerie. So, there is not many times when I just turn off everything, maybe at the occasional yoga class or massage but those are pretty infrequent occasions.

So, when I was asked by The Windsor Arms to try out their salt caves, I was curious and even a little anxious about it. Sit in a room for 45 minutes, without speaking to anyone, or checking my phone, or really doing anything? Seemed crazy. But that’s what I did on Saturday, for 45 minutes it was just going to be me and the salt cave.

I arrived at The Windsor Arms to be greeted by the loveliest lady at the front desk, she showed me to the change rooms where I got on my robe and flip flops (I also had called ahead to ask, what does one wear to the salt cave? appparently, just about anything you want is fine). She then showed me to the salt cave, a cool, dimly lit room with rock covered walls and salted floors.

Salt Cave

It had a very cozy feel, it is meant to mimic caves found in Europe. It is believed that regular use of the salt caves can help with allergies, to relieving stress, to helping skin conditions and more. On each of the chairs, there is a blanket as it does get pretty cool in the room. I got in to a lounger, reclined and cozied up with the blanket and did, nothing. It was crazy! Absolutely nothing. If I was someone who napped, I definitely would have fallen asleep, I even came pretty close but I’m just not a napper. It was relaxing to just shut everything off and just listen to the white noise of the room.

A single session in the cave is $50 for 45 minutes, 5 sessions are $200 and 10 sessions are $350. The Windsor Arms hotel also currently has a promotion until the end of the year if you spend $150 on spa treatments or products (exclusions apply), you receive a free 45 minute session in the salt cave. It would be a nice addition to a well-deserved day at the spa, it’s a busy time of year so it’s nice to just unplug and relax.

Have you been to the Windsor Arms Hotel?

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