And under control? Are those commercials from forever ago? Probably…
I’ve been using Clean & Clear products on and off for a few years, usually the astringent for breakouts. I didn’t know that Clean & Clear had a “problem pores” solution. I’m pretty lucky that my skin is generally pretty good, which is great because I hate wearing and putting on make up. I get the occasional breakout but overall not too bad.

I received a cleanser, an astringent¬†and a moisturizer. I’ve been using it for a couple of days and so far, so good. It’s tricky to tell so far if my pores are changing but I definitely like the system so far. I hate things that are overly complicated or have too many steps, this one is great because it spells it out for you. It’s a skincare routine I can definitely get into since it takes less than 5 minutes, and well particularly in the morning, time is precious. Actually, time at bed is precious too, I don’t want anything standing between me and my bed! I also like it because it’s not an expensive skincare routine, I can’t imagine paying $100 for stuff to put on my face. I’ll definitely keep using the skincare routine and look forward to seeing if it makes a difference with my skin.

Have you used Clean & Clear? What’s your skincare go-to?



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