If you follow me on Twitter – you know I’m a big fan of UberX and I’m seriously concerned they’re going to be pushed out of our city because of the taxi industry and politics.

Until August 14th, the City of Toronto is asking residents to comment on how they use uberX, how they would like to see uberX used and regulated in the future.

You can find the survey here – http://cityoftoronto.fluidsurveys.com/s/uber_public_input/.

There’s a number of reasons I love uberX. It’s unbelievably cheaper than a cab, even with the surges and it gives you the option to get an estimate on the fare before you even get in. If you follow my twitter, you may have seen when I was very upset with an uber driver, we submitted the problem to uber and my friend had the refund the next morning (we were travelling together and she ordered the car). I also love that I never have to worry about having enough cash on me or a taxi driver telling me for the 100th time that their machine wasn’t working. I feel safe when I’m in an uberX, I definitely don’t feel any safer in a cab. In an uberX, I can send my travel information along with the route to anyone I want and it tracks the route from beginning to end. It also means that an uberX driver isn’t going to drive me in circles, I can see the best route suggested.

Not to mention, how it is giving people a chance to make (extra) income. There’s lots of reasons why people may become an uber driver and they should be given the opportunity to make the (extra) income they need.

I’m sorry taxi industry, but uberX has built a better mousetrap and competition, something the industry isn’t used to is giving the people of Toronto transit options that they deserve. It is not uberX users fault that the city over-regulates the industry and that there has been a ‘shady’ monopoly in the market for years. I would be so sad if they made uberX shut down.

So have your say, this is likely the most efficient way to make your opinions on uberX known to the city [ and I guess if you’re opposed to uberX, you’re entitled to fill out the survey too 😉 ] but hopefully the City of Toronto does the right thing and allows uberX to remain a great option for the people of Toronto to get around the city.

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