I mentioned that the Lovely Lindsey is eating her way through Toronto, and occassionally, I get to try out new restaurants on her journey. A few weeks ago, a few bloggers headed to The Pomegranate on College, near Bathurst for Persian food. I’ve never really had Persian food, and I’ve definitely never been to a Persian restaurant. As always, I checked the menu before going and was excited.

We started with a couple of apps, a yogurt spinach dip (spinach borani), an eggplant dip (mirza qasemi) and grape leaves stuffed with rice (dolmeh). They were all delicious but I surprised myself and the eggplant dip was actually my favourite. It was a warm dip, that was tasty and garlicky. The bread it came with was also nice and doughy, just how I like it.


My main was fesenjaan, which is described as a walnut stew with pomegranate, you have the option of chicken or lamb, I went with the chicken. It was served with a salad (which was just a salad, I didn’t eat much of it because you don’t win friends with salad), a tomato cucumber salad, and rice. I threw most of the stew on the rice and ate it like that and really enjoyed it. I would definitely go back and try it – I’m not sure what the blend of flavours were but it was mild and delicious.

wpid-img_20150708_191606.jpgI would recommend this place if you’re looking for something different, I find that I usually end up eating the same kinds of cuisine all the time so it was nice to branch out – especially when it is so good.

Have you tried The Pomegranate? What did you think?

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