So… apparently I’m the only person in the world that has never heard of this drink – soju, a korean liquor who’s name translated means burning liquor. Thankfully, the Tipsy Teachers from Schoolhouse Booze were able to educate a group of ladies about soju at their recent “ladies night, night school”.

Soju can be made from a variety of things, including rice, potato, sweet potato or another grain, it seemed like almost any kind of grain. The ladies had theirs infused at a restaurant in the city, and after realizing how easy it was to do, they decided to share the secret with us (spoiler alert: you just pop some fruit in and let it sit two weeks).

They had a bunch of delicious fruit – I infused mine with orange and grapefruit, I can’t wait to try it in two weeks. We tried it straight and with pineapple. Straight was fine, a little strong but nothing like a vodka or tequila burn. The pineapple was nice, it reminded me of malibu. Soju is lighter than most liquors, at around 20-25% alcohol and is under $20 at the LCBO for a 26er.

Have you tried soju? Do you know any games I should know about?

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