Happy Thursday everyone! Hope you’re all having a good week!

This week’s drink is one I tried at the new Stirling Room patio this week in the distillery district. I had never been to the Stirling Room, which is a club/lounge right at the entrance of the distillery district – they’re celebrating their 5th anniversary with the opening of a patio. The new patio is open Wednesday to Sunday and I won’t lie, it’s a great people-watching spot.

But on to the drink! They had a couple of signature cocktails for the night. The one I really enjoyed was Off the Cuff, a rye based drink made with Canadian Club 100%. The drink also contained a liquer, I had never heard of (almost unbelievable, I know). The drink had half a shot of Galliano, a vanilla flavoured liquor and ginger beer. They garnished it with a mint leaf – normally I don’t like mint in my drinks but because it wasn’t too much, it wasn’t overpowering.

I did have a photo of it but I’m experiencing some technical difficulties with the photo but it is a drink I will definitely try to replicate.

Have you been to the new patio yet?


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