This week, I’m mixing it for the thirsty thursday. This week is –non-alcoholic–. I know, I can hear your gasps but sometimes you’ve got to mix it up.

This week’s thirsty thursday is tea of the people’s barrel aged rooibos – madagascar cocoa x mint. Rooibos is one of my favourite teas to begin with so I was really excited when I got to try this tea (and their chai).

As the name suggests, the tea has cocoa and mint but also has orange and apple pieces in it. The tea smelled so good, you could clearly see the pieces of fruit in it. The tea tasted great – I didn’t sweeten mine, I figured with all the flavours, it didn’t need any additional sweetness and it was great. I brought this tea with me to the office (because sharing is caring) and one of my co-workers said “you can really tell this is premium tea, not that garbage I drank in university” – I’ll take her word for it :)

Barrel Aged Madagascar Cocoa x Mint Rooibos

Tea of the People develops Canada’s first barrel aged organic tea. The tea along with the flavours (fruits, herbs and spices) are barrel aged in a wine cellar for 3-5 months, which results in a unique oaky flavour. Tea of the People is also passionate about being good for you but also good for society – each month, they donate 5% of their profits to entrepreneurs or non-profits who are working to solve issues around poverty, education, public health and climate change.

Their teas have begun selling in a few Loblaws throughout Southern Ontario. You can also order online, some of their other flavours I have to try are the dragon well green tea pomegranate x yumberry, blueberry x dragon fruit and an acai x goji. As I mentioned (or my co-worker mentioned), this is a premium tea and prices range from $9.99-$11.99 per 50g (definitely on par with bigger tea shops).

Have you tried the Tea of the People? What has been your favourite?

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