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In case you don’t know who or what Mo’ Money, Mo’ Houses is, you’re missing out. This awesome blog is written by Jessica Moorhouse, a Vancouver-native now living in Toronto has been blogging about personal finance for over 3 years now. She has great posts like:

How Much Money I’ve Made After a Decade

5 Ways To Stay Motivated in the New Year

Christmas Movie Money Lessons

After years of being a great blogger – Jessica has decided to start a personal finance podcast!

The Mo’ Money, Mo’ Houses podcast kicked off with three podcasts and a giveaway (because she’s the best). You can find the podcast here on iTunes, SoundCloud and Stitcher.

She will have guests on each week talking about their personal finance journey – so far, I’m totally with Cait from episode 3 – I have too many toiletries. I’ve been on a toiletries ban since Christmas, except for things that actually need to be replaced and I’m out of (and need like toothpaste and deodorant, but really that’s for everyone’s benefit!). I just realized I had so many hair sprays and SO MANY LOTIONS, that I had to stop buying just because it was on sale and I will use it *someday*.

I would totally recommend checking out her blog and now her podcast, I love hearing how other people manage their finances – doesn’t mean I’m about to go on a year-long shopping ban but it does help me be more conscious of my decisions.

And remember how I said she was totally awesome? Well she wants all the Twenty-Something in Toronto readers to have a chance to win $100 for Amazon. So enter below, and check her out!
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  1. I will have the listen to this podcast! I swear I am the WORST at frivolous spending. Though I dont think i spend a lot on toiletries. I am constantly having people gift them to me and then I have to regift because I dont USE them. Haha

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