I have been meaning to get to against the grain for months (possibly years) since it has been open in leaside. Last weekend was my birthday but I was also going to a wedding later in the day so I needed a brunch place that wasn’t super crazy and close to home.

They took a reservation for us on a sunday, it wasn’t super busy when we arrived though (I’ve also heard that there’s a blogTO all about places that take reservations for lunch, so I must try to find that). I may have enjoyed a cocktail or two the evening before so I wasn’t really feeling a sweet breakfast, I wanted some bacon – and sausage… hey! it was my birthday!

Even though I kept my breakfast pretty basic, something I could have gotten just about anywhere, I was really excited about the $4 mimosas. I may have had two, because again it was my birthday. They also had a huge make-your-own-caesar bar. I hate caesars (I know, I know) so this didn’t interest me but if you were a caesar fan, this would definitely be worth checking out. I wanted to like caesars just so I could use the bar.

I also got dessert, not something I would normally do for brunch but again it was my birthday (and yes, I used that excuse a lot that day). Besides the cheap mimosas, the dessert was my favourite part. I really only got it because I saw a couple of different people (mostly children) celebrating birthdays and they all kept getting donut holes but I read the description for their bread pudding and knew I had to get it. Plus, it was complimentary for my birthday. It was so delicious, totally worth it even though I was so full.


It felt like a grown up dessert. Their bread pudding is the bread part (is that what it’s called?), with caramel, raspberries and vanilla ice cream.

Have you been to against the grain? What did you think?


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