In case you missed it, this past sunday was the most recent installment of detox to retox at Left Field Brewery. I love their baseball theme. I’ve been to a few beer tastings so I don’t usually learn too much more about beer but I definitely learned more about baseball  this weekend.

This week’s thirsty thursday is called Eephus, which apparently the name of a weird pitch, usually only seen in the majors once a year. The beer on the other hand is popping up everywhere, one of their brews that is available in a few LCBOs across the city. I’m not sure if my palette is growing after getting into craft beer, but a couple years ago I probably would have avoided this beer because it’s so dark.


This is their oatmeal brown ale. I expected it to be very heavy based on the colour but it was much lighter than I expected. It was still full of flavour, you could definitely taste the hints of the oatmeal in it.

I would definitely recommend this beer if you love brown ales, or you’re not quite sure if you do and want to give it a try – this is a great one to start with.

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