Happy Thursday – we’re almost a full week into May, it is crazy!

This week’s Thirsty Thursday not about a specific drink but about the next detox to retox. The ladies of Schoolhouse Booze and I are excited that the next one is just over two weeks away.

If you’re not familiar with Detox to Retox, it’s a instructor-led yoga class followed by a beer tasting. If you’ve never had beer after a solid work out, you’re truly missing out. If you want to read up on how awesome the first two were, check out detox to retox part I¬†and detox to retox part two.

The next one will be at Left Field Brewery. We’re so excited to bring detox to retox to Left Field’s new and long awaited brewery. Left Field Brewery is located near Greenwood and Gerrard and I could be mistaken but this might just be their first event since opening. You have seen Left Field at festivals in the past but their bottle shop is now open and they’re just as excited as we are to host the next detox. So come out, get bendy for some delicious local beer.

Get your tickets now, before they’re gone!

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