Almost three years ago, my mother told me she had been diagnosed with liver disease. I was really confused because anyone who knows my mom, she has a corinita once a year and that’s it. Turns out, her liver disease is autoimmune (lots of that in my family). She was pretty sick for about a year, on some crazy medications but thankfully she was in remission in 2013.

It was after her diagnosis that I learned more about the liver foundation. They provide support for those living with all types of liver disease as well as funding research for treatments for the over 100 types of liver disease.

So, when my mother suggested we do the stroll for liver, it was a no brainer, I signed up as team captain to walk 5K for the liver foundation. And that’s where you can help! I know it’s that time of year where everyone you know is participating in a fundraiser but I would really appreciate any donations. Every dollar counts in helping those living with liver disease. It’s also not too late to sign up for a stroll, I’ll be participating on May 30th – if you need a team to join, we’re Cheryl’s Crew :)


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