I’m so late putting this up – I saw this amazing play almost three weeks ago and it absolutely deserves to be seen and written about.

The play was “Gingers in Love”. It was a retelling of Midsommers Night Dream. I did a production of midsommers night dream and read it in high school but I forgot most of it until watching it. It was one of the funniest productions I have ever seen. The idea was that gingers are so rare in society that the idea of them falling in love would set the world into topsy turvy. I was that person that was laughing so loud I was probably distracting the audience and the actors. It was just so funny.

I saw the show at the small theatre “The Annex” near Honest Eds. I hope the play gets picked up for a longer run like Fringe or just at another theatre so I can make everyone I know go see it. I promise to share it again once it gets picked up for a longer run!

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