With a name like that, why not make it the blog post’s title? I went here last week after going to a show at Comedy Bar. Basically, I saw “Ossington” and figured, I needed to try out this place I keep seeing on instagram and have heard about from a few friends.

We went at about 8:30pm on a Sunday so they were starting to run out of things but the line up was still out the door. I knew I wanted an ice cream sandwich, which is a good thing because they were out of the puffy waffles (puffles). They had almost two dozen ice cream flavours to choose from. I had the birthday cookie, a sugar-lemon cookie with key lime ice cream. It was so good! I’m very glad that I don’t live too close to this place. I got the half cookie – that’s right, half cookie and it was more than enough.

Everyone I went with got different flavours but honestly, I was so excited about mine, I didn’t even try anybody else’s. I would highly recommend this place, the ice cream and cookies are delicious. I’d probably suggest going when it’s a little cold out because I can’t even imagine how insane this place will be in the summer.

Have you tried Bang Bang? What did you try?

Bang Bang Ice Cream on Urbanspoon

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