Month: May 2015

thirsty thursday: eephus

In case you missed it, this past sunday was the most recent installment of detox to retox at Left Field Brewery. I love their baseball theme. I’ve been to a few beer tastings so I don’t usually learn too much more about beer but I definitely learned more about baseball  this weekend.

This week’s thirsty thursday is called Eephus, which apparently the name of a weird pitch, usually only seen in the majors once a year. The beer on the other hand is popping up everywhere, one of their brews that is available in a few LCBOs across the city. I’m not sure if my palette is growing after getting into craft beer, but a couple years ago I probably would have avoided this beer because it’s so dark.


This is their oatmeal brown ale. I expected it to be very heavy based on the colour but it was much lighter than I expected. It was still full of flavour, you could definitely taste the hints of the oatmeal in it.

I would definitely recommend this beer if you love brown ales, or you’re not quite sure if you do and want to give it a try – this is a great one to start with.

detox to retox III  

This weekend was our third detox to retox and we had it at the newly opened Left Field Brewery in Leslieville. They have only been open for a few weeks and we were their first event. The baseball nerds behind Left Field Brewery are Mandie and Matt, an adorable couple with a love of beer. They have a beautiful space for events, and delicious beer to boot.

a photo from the tipsy teachers.

Beer is so much more refreshing after a good sun salutation.

This event was sold out, which means we had 35 beer and yoga lovers to spend sunday funday with! I want to thank Left Field Brewery for allowing us to host a detox to retox as their first event in their space, it definitely won’t be our last time with them!

Did you miss out on this weekend’s event? Well, fear not, because next Saturday we take detox to retox to the water! That’s right, yoga on a boat followed by a beer cruise! It’s going to be amazing – get your tickets before they’re gone! Hope to see you there!


monday link love

Hello and happy monday! I hope all the Americans enjoyed their day off today. I totally missed last week’s post because of our holiday but here’s some links I’ve loved around the web this week.

This blog post is an awesome blogger sharing other awesome bloggers (is this what inception was about?) The Beverage blog interviewed the lovely ladies at School House Booze – two super awesome blogs!

This humidity-ridden-frizz-hair of mine keeps telling me that summer is coming and I always love finding new things to do in the city (you know, like a yoga-class-on-a-boat-followed-by-craft-beer) and HUG have some great ideas for you.

I’ve got a birthday coming up (don’t worry, I’ll still be a twenty-something) so casie’s post’s title really spoke to me. This is the youngest you’ll ever be again so live it up!

Have a fabulous week everyone!

thirsty thursday: about face

Better later than never! 

I’m excited to share this beer this week because I had never heard of this brewery from St. Jacobs. My friend was out at the market this weekend a picked up a bunch of beers from block 3 brewing. 

This beer was great! It wasn’t a super strong beer but it may sound lame but the best way to describe it, is it has an “easy drinking taste”. You could easily drink this beer on a dock all day at the cottage, some craft beers are just too heavy for it. If you’re out in the KW area, I definitely recommend trying this brewery out (I also heard their porter is great, too). 

Have you tried block 3? What did you think?

thirsty thursday: frisky beaver

I had dinner with some lovely bloggers a couple of weeks ago at tabule and they have free corkage fees (one of the best things ever).

The lovely Casey from Waffling Blog brought the Frisky Beaver, I think entirely because of the name and I’m ok with that! I didn’t have too much of the wine (I was driving) but my little sample was really good.

We had the Frisky Beaver White, which is a blend of several wines. It was a really nice wine. It wasn’t overly sweet but also didn’t make me pucker. The wine is fruity, and would be great with light meals like seafood and mild curries.

Have you tried the Frisky Beaver? What did you think?

gingers in love

I’m so late putting this up – I saw this amazing play almost three weeks ago and it absolutely deserves to be seen and written about.

The play was “Gingers in Love”. It was a retelling of Midsommers Night Dream. I did a production of midsommers night dream and read it in high school but I forgot most of it until watching it. It was one of the funniest productions I have ever seen. The idea was that gingers are so rare in society that the idea of them falling in love would set the world into topsy turvy. I was that person that was laughing so loud I was probably distracting the audience and the actors. It was just so funny.

I saw the show at the small theatre “The Annex” near Honest Eds. I hope the play gets picked up for a longer run like Fringe or just at another theatre so I can make everyone I know go see it. I promise to share it again once it gets picked up for a longer run!

monday link love

Happy Monday! I totally missed last week because I’m terrible but mostly because I forgot what day it was. Here’s a few posts I’m lovin’ this week!

I love little road trips (and long ones but more about that later) but The Yum Yum Factor has introduced me to a new part of southern ontario to explore. Looks perfect for a Saturday in the summer.

I wish I carried more cash so I could take advantage of this motivation… I’d love some new work out stuff!

And finally, these are tips for blogger but I think there’s great information here for everyone!

Have a fabulous week!

thirsty thursday: detox to retox part III

Happy Thursday – we’re almost a full week into May, it is crazy!

This week’s Thirsty Thursday not about a specific drink but about the next detox to retox. The ladies of Schoolhouse Booze and I are excited that the next one is just over two weeks away.

If you’re not familiar with Detox to Retox, it’s a instructor-led yoga class followed by a beer tasting. If you’ve never had beer after a solid work out, you’re truly missing out. If you want to read up on how awesome the first two were, check out detox to retox part I and detox to retox part two.

The next one will be at Left Field Brewery. We’re so excited to bring detox to retox to Left Field’s new and long awaited brewery. Left Field Brewery is located near Greenwood and Gerrard and I could be mistaken but this might just be their first event since opening. You have seen Left Field at festivals in the past but their bottle shop is now open and they’re just as excited as we are to host the next detox. So come out, get bendy for some delicious local beer.

Get your tickets now, before they’re gone!

bang bang ice cream

With a name like that, why not make it the blog post’s title? I went here last week after going to a show at Comedy Bar. Basically, I saw “Ossington” and figured, I needed to try out this place I keep seeing on instagram and have heard about from a few friends.

We went at about 8:30pm on a Sunday so they were starting to run out of things but the line up was still out the door. I knew I wanted an ice cream sandwich, which is a good thing because they were out of the puffy waffles (puffles). They had almost two dozen ice cream flavours to choose from. I had the birthday cookie, a sugar-lemon cookie with key lime ice cream. It was so good! I’m very glad that I don’t live too close to this place. I got the half cookie – that’s right, half cookie and it was more than enough.

Everyone I went with got different flavours but honestly, I was so excited about mine, I didn’t even try anybody else’s. I would highly recommend this place, the ice cream and cookies are delicious. I’d probably suggest going when it’s a little cold out because I can’t even imagine how insane this place will be in the summer.

Have you tried Bang Bang? What did you try?

Bang Bang Ice Cream on Urbanspoon

stroll for liver

Almost three years ago, my mother told me she had been diagnosed with liver disease. I was really confused because anyone who knows my mom, she has a corinita once a year and that’s it. Turns out, her liver disease is autoimmune (lots of that in my family). She was pretty sick for about a year, on some crazy medications but thankfully she was in remission in 2013.

It was after her diagnosis that I learned more about the liver foundation. They provide support for those living with all types of liver disease as well as funding research for treatments for the over 100 types of liver disease.

So, when my mother suggested we do the stroll for liver, it was a no brainer, I signed up as team captain to walk 5K for the liver foundation. And that’s where you can help! I know it’s that time of year where everyone you know is participating in a fundraiser but I would really appreciate any donations. Every dollar counts in helping those living with liver disease. It’s also not too late to sign up for a stroll, I’ll be participating on May 30th – if you need a team to join, we’re Cheryl’s Crew :)