Last week, I attended an event at Citizen for Canadian Club. I got the chance to sample a bunch of ryes. I never really considered myself a rye person, and I think it was because I was doing it all wrong. One day, I will build a bar in my house and I will drink this as I contemplate life: this is an old fashioned.


Super simple to make – one (or two shots) of Canadian Club, 1/2 shot of simple syrup, couples splashes of bitters (not entire sure what this is but apparently it needs to be on your bar) and a lemon peel. I chose to have mine with a large round ice cube. I love the round ice cubes, I think they look so sophisticated in a drink like this. I bought a few molds for my friend from chapters (of all places). Chapters also has round balls for your drink if you want to chill it but are a purist and don’t want to use ice, you can use amazeballs.

I’m really glad I went to this event and discovered a new drink I enjoy.

Have you ever thought you didn’t like a drink but now it’s a regular in your rotation?

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