Month: April 2015

eating all the things at bareburger

Last week I had the chance to try Bareburger at a private tasting. I hadn’t heard of the restaurant before, the first Canadian location of a New York chain. We had a chance to meet the franchisee and the owner of the original locations, as well as some of the suppliers and the executive chef. The team was really down to earth, answering any questions about their message and their food. They were happy to share their Bareburger story. The restaurant is decorated using beautiful reclaimed wood, it has a casual vibe to it.

Bareburger prides itself on using the fresh and organic ingredients. We had the meal “family style” although that’s not how they usually serve it so the portions may look a little crazy in the pictures. Upon arrival, we had some iced tea and lemonade, I’d highly recommend the white peach – black tea raspberry. We started with the sweet potato fries and onion rings with more sauces than I knew what to do with. These were probably the best sweet potato fries I’ve ever had in my life. Definitely one of my favourite items. I got through them so quickly, I just have a picture of the sauces.

Next we had two salad, their Cali Fresh and the Guapo Chop  (they added fried chicken). I just had the Cali Fresh because avocado makes me itchy but everyone at the table was raving about it. I think it’s definitely something that if you like guacamole/avocado you would really enjoy. The Cali Fresh was an interesting (and delicious) salad with cauliflower hummus and red quinoa.

IMG_0433.JPG IMG_0436.JPG
Next it was time for the poutine, which they added brisket too. It was really good. The gravy was very light, almost more like an au jus rather than a heavy beef gravy. It was tasty – I ate a lot of it.

Next it was time for the “burgers”. The first one was one of their vegetarian option, the farmstead. It was a sweet potato, wild rice and hummus wrapped in a collard green. Turns out, I’m not a fan of collard green but the filling was delicious. It is vegan and gluten free.

We also tried the ‘standard’, the ‘blue elk’ and the ‘el matador’ (which I skipped again because of the avocado). I was also too full by this point to take any photos. I’m sorry. I may have also had ice cream sandwiches on my minds. The standard burger was really good, very meaty with a great sauce and the blue elk was interesting. It was the first time I had elk, much lighter than I would have expected.

We finished the evening off with two desserts (totally necessary). We had chocolate milkshakes and ice cream sandwiches. I love ice cream sandwiches so regardless of being so full, I had to try at least one. We didn’t know what each of them were – I picked up what looked like a snickerdoodle and took a bite. And the ice cream? It was roasted marshmallow – not just marshmallow but ROASTED marshmallow. I don’t know what sorcery he used to make it but it was so good.

I really enjoyed my evening at Bareburger. The food was really good and the service was great.

Have you been to Bareburger? What did you have?

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monday link love

Hope you all had a lovely weekend! Here’s some things I’m loving this week. I decided, for no real reason, to have a “healthy” theme. Maybe because summer is just around the corner :)

Sometimes, it’s little changes that make big differences – I always like to hear how people are just a little healthier everyday and the Girls of TO have you covered this week.

I am a fan of yoga (see: detox to retox), even when I am not in the mood I still feel satisfied after. Sometimes its too much work to get to the studio – here’s some great before bed yoga you can do at home.

And because sometimes you don’t have time for basically anything… 5 Short Workouts.

What are your little tricks for staying healthy? Or working out when you just don’t have time/feel like it?

brewery bingo

You heard me! Brewery Bingo – because why not?

I went to Brewery Bingo a couple of weeks ago at Junction Brewery, in, of course, the Junction. We got there a little late (#northyorkproblems) but were quickly welcomed to the bingo table. If you’ve ever been to bingo at a regular bingo hall, you would know that people can get very intense about their bingo, that was not the case here. This was just some people who love beer and (probably to a lesser extent) bingo.

Bingo was free, you just had to pay for your beer. There was also delicious snacks, I may have eaten way too many chips and cookies – maybe in the same bite. There was also fun prizes, two of my friends won prizes – one of them winning the full card.

Junction Brewery is hosting the next brewery bingo next Thursday at 7pm, I’d definitely recommend it if you love craft beer – love of bingo is not a requirement, you’ll probably love it by the end!

monday link love

I hope you all had a great weekend! Here’s some links I loved this week.

Two of them are from the same blog, with the same theme – The Boston Marathon. I’m always so impressed with marathon runners and I get a kick out of funny signs and cute proposals. FitSugar is my go-to for motivation when I need to hit the gym.

Locally, there’s a new “foodie” neighbourhood, near St. Lawrence Market called Market St. Until April 30th, a number of restaurants on the street will offer a prix-fixe menu. Thanks to the Hip Urban Girls for sharing this.

Have a fabulous week!

theatre: canadian stage’s spotlight south africa

Last night, I had the privilege of seeing one of Canadian Stage’s productions for their Spotlight on South Africa.

In it’s second week and running until April 25th at the Berkeley Theatre and the Bluma Appel theatre. I saw the play “Hatched”, a mostly silent piece, starring Mamela Nyamza, a beautiful and powerful dancer. I’ve mentioned it before, maybe it comes from my very brief appearances on stage, I’m always so impressed with performances. In this movement piece, Nyamza shows her strength through dance and movements. It was interesting to watch the story be told without many words. The piece features two dance pieces about her body and cultural ethos.

The festival features a number of plays over the next couple of weeks, tickets start at $25 and with three shows, you can get 20% off regular prices.

thirsty thursday: two ocean sparkling sauvignon blanc

I was at a play yesterday at Canadian Stage’s Spotlight on South Africa (more on that tomorrow). In a very clever move, they also had samples of South African wines.

The one that caught my eye was the two oceans sparkling sauvignon blanc. It looked like a sparkling wine by the bottle but I assumed that couldn’t be right if it was a sauvignon blanc, I had never seen a sparkling sauvignon blanc before – I was mistaken. It had a fruity taste but was definitely much drier than the typical sparklings wines I drink (mostly moscatos).

I would recommend this if you’re looking for something sparkling but are usually turned off by the sweetness. Also, at $12.95 a bottle, it’s pretty reasonably priced.

Have you tried a sparkling sauvignon blanc? Is it just me that had never heard of this?

monday link love

Happy Opening Day! I’m so excited that baseball’s back. I think I got a bit of a tan on my balcony yesterday, it was great! Here’s some fun links I found while perusing the interwebs.

In honour of opening day, torontolife shared how the rogers centre (skydome) gets baseball ready. The baseball nerd in me loves this!

Sometimes you need to go to Hamilton, they occasionally have some cool stuff going on. The Curious Creature has you covered on where you should stay. This place looks delightful.

And finally, because we could all use some savings, Who What Wear has the sure fire way to make sure you only buy what you need clothing-wise and ensure you won’t regret a purchase.

changing it up!

Hey lovelies! Happy Friday!

I’ve been blogging about what to do/see/eat/drink on the weekends for over a year now. I’m going to change it up a bit and post events whenever. I think I’m missing out on sharing other awesome events that happen throughout the week.

Think there’s an event I should be sharing and telling people about? Let me know at

Have a great weekend!

dining out: sushi legend

It’s pretty well known that I love my all-you-can-eat sushi places. I found a new one near my house, how it existed without me knowing, I’m not sure but I checked it out recently with my partner-in-crime and sushi-buddy.

Sushi Legend is at Leslie and Finch and of course, is all you can eat. We were warmly welcomed when we got to the restaurant. It was a weeknight and the restaurant was pretty busy but we didn’t need to wait for a table. They had a pretty extensive menu (although it was missing my fav, the shrimp tempura hand roll). The food came out really quickly and the servers were easy to track down to order more, not always the case at all all-you-can-eat sushi restaurants.


They also have the biggest eggplant dish I’ve ever seen. I really enjoyed my meal and will likely come back, although it was pricier than most all-you-can-eat sushi places for a weeknight it was $24.99 before tax and tip. I would probably come back here if I needed to go to a place near my place.

Have you tried sushi legend?

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thirsty thursday: old fashioned

Last week, I attended an event at Citizen for Canadian Club. I got the chance to sample a bunch of ryes. I never really considered myself a rye person, and I think it was because I was doing it all wrong. One day, I will build a bar in my house and I will drink this as I contemplate life: this is an old fashioned.


Super simple to make – one (or two shots) of Canadian Club, 1/2 shot of simple syrup, couples splashes of bitters (not entire sure what this is but apparently it needs to be on your bar) and a lemon peel. I chose to have mine with a large round ice cube. I love the round ice cubes, I think they look so sophisticated in a drink like this. I bought a few molds for my friend from chapters (of all places). Chapters also has round balls for your drink if you want to chill it but are a purist and don’t want to use ice, you can use amazeballs.

I’m really glad I went to this event and discovered a new drink I enjoy.

Have you ever thought you didn’t like a drink but now it’s a regular in your rotation?