I’m all about making things easier and these Toronto sites make taking care of the even the most mundane task easier.

1 – Hurrier – This site allows you to order from some of Toronto’s hosttest (and busiest) restaurants. This service is perfect if you want to eat at the trendy places but the idea of getting out of your robe is just too daunting. You can also contact them to deliver other items throughout the city.

2 – Helpling – This site allows you to book cleaning services with independent cleaning contractors. I live in a tiny place but every once in a while (usually around my birthday) I just want someone to clean my place. There’s something so refreshing about enjoying a clean home and it’s even better when you don’t have do it yourself.

3 – SpaceWays – This site is an on-demand storage service. It drops off storage boxes and picks them up when they are filled (especially perfect for those without a car!) and stores them at a Toronto location until needed. At the click of a button, the boxes can be returned within 24 hours. This is perfect if you’re moving or renovating and need some time away from your stuff.

4 – Giftagram  – This site also has an iphone app (no android yet) which allows you to ordre and send gifts for any occasion. It’s a nice way to get unique gifts for people, I really like that you can get items that are local, like desmond and beatrice baked goods, I promise I won’t judge you if you just order them for yourself. Also shipping is included, I hate not knowing the shipping upfront.

5 – Real Food Toronto – This site is perfect if you’re like me and hate grocery shopping, its such a nuisance, time I could be spending watching Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (for the undisclosed number of times)This site allows you to grocery shop online for groceries. After selecting meat, produce or anything else, users can enter their address and have their groceries delivered straight to their doorsteps, and delivery is free for orders over $200.

What sites do you use to make your life easier?

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