This past weekend, I hosted the 2nd Detox to Retox with Schoolhouse Booze at the Junction Brewery and it was fantastic! In case you missed my last post, basically we start with a yoga class in the brewery and move on to beer tasting.


I really wanted to do this post just to say thank you to Sean from Junction Brewery and our awesome teacher Marnie. If you haven’t been to Junction Brewery, they’re open every weekend selling beer. They also host a ton of events at their space and you can find them at events around the city. Their beer is also available across the city and at a few LCBOs.

learning about beer

Sean was super informative. We tried a few beers and took a litre growler home with us. Junction Brewery knows how to treat us yogis! I’m not sure there’s a more beautiful site than lines of beers waiting for you at the end of a class. Namaste indeed.

my beautiful besties at detox to retox

feeling refreshed!

I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who came out this weekend! We’ll be hosting another one in the near future a different brewery and I promise to keep you posted. Big thank you to Sean and Marnie and of course the lovely ladies over at SchoolHouse Booze, be sure to check out their site, they’ve got another event coming up in a couple of weeks.


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