I keep talking about the adorable things I keep seeing for Valentine’s Day. I always considered Valentine’s Day a hallmark holiday, I didn’t hate it but didn’t really understand the hoopla. But what I do understand is my love of accessories. These gifts can be for a sweetie, a friend or yourself, because they’re just down right adorable!

A4 3 Subject — Do What Makes You Happy
My love of stationary is so obvious. I have several notebooks, colourful pens and agendas. I love this agenda and would definitely add it to my collection, you know, the collection of notebooks with inspirational sayings. I just can’t get enough.

Do What You Love Travel Mug
I don’t just keep my quotes on notebooks. I actually bought this mug for my friend for Christmas, a perfect gift for a #girlboss hustler.

Apparently nautical is back in for this spring and I’m excited. Well really I’m just excited for spring and pastel colours and nautical outfits and this little clutch would match an outfit with white pants so nicely.

When I was growing up, we had a friend of the family who used to always say that an eye shadow can brighten a crappy day. That has stuck with me and most of the lip gloss, nail polish and eye shadow I’ve purchased was the brighten an otherwise cloudy day. Thankfully it doesn’t happen to often (I don’t have a lot of space for make up) but a nice lip gloss set can brighten a day or an outfit. This one seems Valentine’s appropriate as it’s a 50 Shades collection.

I’ve always been terrified of needles so tattoos have been most definitely out of the question. Lately I’ve seen “grown up” temporary tattoos and even wore one on new years eve. It’s a fun way to change up your outfit!

If you’ve got a man, you could get the matching “good morning handsome” pillow or just buy yourself a few of these for yourself. Start the day on a lovely note.

So even though Valentine’s Day is a hallmark holiday, use it to show the ones you love you care and show yourself some love!

Do you treat yourself on Valentine’s Day?

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