A couple weeks ago, the Tipsy Teachers and I went to Junction Brewery to check out the space for Detox to Retox coming up on March 1st. While I was there, it only made sense to pick up some beer. I grabbed a couple of bottles and the first one is conductor’s craft ale.

Junction Brewery is located conveniently in the Junction 😉 . They pride themselves on making unique and delicious beers. You can stop into their brewery where they have a few regulars and many different beers, their website is updated frequently with their special brews. This pale ale is made from 5 hops and 5 malts and has a bold, crisp flavour. It is a little hoppier than I normally drink. I would highly recommend this beer if you’re a fan of hoppy pale ales.

You can also try Conductor’s Craft Ale at Detox to Retox, get your tickets now!

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