Month: February 2015

my valentine’s cards

I’m starting to sound like a broken record and starting to sound like I’m actually into Valentine’s Day. But like I’ve said, I like funny and adorable things. I love great funny cards so I created my own based on some great tv quotes, my friend should maybe expect texts of these on the 14th!

constanza full
Untitled design (3)
you remind me of a poem I can't
I hope you all caught the references. What tv quotes would you turn into a valentine’s day cards?

monday link love (on a tuesday)

I know it’s only the second week of this and I’m already late! I got stuck in Windsor because of the snow and couldn’t get to it until today. Better late than never right?

Here’s some of my favourite from throughout the blogverse this week:

Latest Wrinkle with 10 on Trend: Spring Yellow. I am quite over the winter (not surprising after this past weekend and the fact that I’m usually over it in November). This post got me excited for spring, I can’t wait for pastels and bright colours!

The Girls on Bloor with 5 Ways to Exercise for the Gym Hater: It’s the start of February and resolutions may be starting to wane so the great ladies at The Girls on Bloor have some fun ways to stay active outside of the gym.

Casie Stewart with Valentines Day Gift Guide for Your Love (or Yourself): I’m not really a Valentine’s Day person but sometimes it’s nice to treat yourself (or others) even if it’s a cheesy holiday. I even love some of the cheesy, cute gifts available (see future blog post) but in the meantime Casie’s got you covered on her blog.

What have you been reading this week?