I mentioned in last week’s Thirsty Thursday that I went out for Winterlicious this year to a great place called Smith. On Church, just north of Wellesley is this┬ácharming restaurant I’ll be honest, that I had never heard of before looking up places to go (guess that’s the whole point of winterlicious). I should have got this post up a little earlier, but this place is totally worth checking out throughout the whole year.

For my $25 meal, I started with the salad which had sharp cheddar and candied nuts in it. It was pretty good, my friend got the gumbo that would be great if you loved seafood and my other friend got the tomato soup which was also really good.

For my main, I got the half hen with a cheddar biscuit. The hen was so moist and juicy and the skin was so tasty, KFC has got nothing on this place. The coleslaw was good, I didn’t really try the hot sauce, I’m not a spice fan but other people at the table seemed to like it.

IMG_0114.JPGMy favourite part was definitely the dessert. This adorable, lemon dessert was almost like a pie in a mason jar. It had a shortbread crust, lemon curd, a fruit I think was raspberry and bruleed meringue. it was so good, I could have had several of them.
IMG_0115.JPGI’m really looking forward to coming back. They have this dessert on their menu full time, I may just go eat that. They also have a really great looking brunch menu The service was also really great. The restaurant was small but there is a bar upstairs, it would be a great place for a date or with a small group of friends.

Have you been to Smiths? Where did you check out during Winterlicious?


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