Month: February 2015

blogger book club: the fault in our stars

I know the blog has been pretty quiet this week. These weeks are just getting away from me. I did complete this month’s book club reading for my blogger book club.

For the month of February, the theme was “romance”. My friend lent me The Fault in Our Stars a while ago, so I thought it this was the perfect opportunity to read it. It is a young adult novel so it was a quick read. If you were trying you could finish it in a couple of days.




In case you aren’t familiar with the book or the movie it follows the story of two teens who meet at a cancer support group. The story is sweet, occasionally funny and occasionally extremely sad. I would recommend this novel if you’re a fan of love stories, I may even watch the movie [not likely, I rarely watch movies at home :)].

Have you read this novel? What did you think?


monday link love

I hope you all stayed warm on this chilliest of February 23rds (we broke records in Toronto today). Here’s some of my favourite blog posts from this past week.

Although I’m trying to forget Winter, I do love a good manicure, The Girls On Bloor have a great post for Winter Manicures, to wrap up this season.

Another great post from The Girls On Bloor, Top Toronto Date Ideas Under $50, this city and dating can be expensive, there’s some cute ideas here.

I love trying new cocktails and Re:Creative has got you covered with fun new cocktails from Nestea in her post this week.

Have a fabulous week!

february 20-22: what to do/see/eat/drink this weekend in toronto

It is the last full weekend of February – Spring is just around the corner. Here’s what’s going on this weekend in the city of Toronto.

Do: It’s the last weekend of the Harbourfront Centre’s DJ Skate Nights (which really makes me excited because it means spring is really coming). As always, the DJ Skate Nights are free, so lace up and get out there this Saturday night.

See: This weekend is the 10th Annual Bloor-Yorkville Icefest. This free event happening in the village of yorkville park. There will be lots of actvities throughout the village in support of the  Heart and Stroke Foundation. Buddle up and out there this weekend.

Eat/Drink: It’s Oscar weekend and many people probably don’t have cable (because it’s just so crazy expensive). The Drake Hotel has you covered this weekend, they’re hosting a free Oscar party. And, since it’s a long show, you can take part in their prix-fixe dinner while enjoying some drinks with friends.


thirsty thursday: conductor’s craft ale

A couple weeks ago, the Tipsy Teachers and I went to Junction Brewery to check out the space for Detox to Retox coming up on March 1st. While I was there, it only made sense to pick up some beer. I grabbed a couple of bottles and the first one is conductor’s craft ale.

Junction Brewery is located conveniently in the Junction 😉 . They pride themselves on making unique and delicious beers. You can stop into their brewery where they have a few regulars and many different beers, their website is updated frequently with their special brews. This pale ale is made from 5 hops and 5 malts and has a bold, crisp flavour. It is a little hoppier than I normally drink. I would highly recommend this beer if you’re a fan of hoppy pale ales.

You can also try Conductor’s Craft Ale at Detox to Retox, get your tickets now!

dining out: smith

I mentioned in last week’s Thirsty Thursday that I went out for Winterlicious this year to a great place called Smith. On Church, just north of Wellesley is this charming restaurant I’ll be honest, that I had never heard of before looking up places to go (guess that’s the whole point of winterlicious). I should have got this post up a little earlier, but this place is totally worth checking out throughout the whole year.

For my $25 meal, I started with the salad which had sharp cheddar and candied nuts in it. It was pretty good, my friend got the gumbo that would be great if you loved seafood and my other friend got the tomato soup which was also really good.

For my main, I got the half hen with a cheddar biscuit. The hen was so moist and juicy and the skin was so tasty, KFC has got nothing on this place. The coleslaw was good, I didn’t really try the hot sauce, I’m not a spice fan but other people at the table seemed to like it.

IMG_0114.JPGMy favourite part was definitely the dessert. This adorable, lemon dessert was almost like a pie in a mason jar. It had a shortbread crust, lemon curd, a fruit I think was raspberry and bruleed meringue. it was so good, I could have had several of them.
IMG_0115.JPGI’m really looking forward to coming back. They have this dessert on their menu full time, I may just go eat that. They also have a really great looking brunch menu The service was also really great. The restaurant was small but there is a bar upstairs, it would be a great place for a date or with a small group of friends.

Have you been to Smiths? Where did you check out during Winterlicious?


monday link love

Hope you all had a great weekend (and are enjoying your day off, people in Ontario)! All of these links are Valentine’s (and Gal-entine’s) related because people had some great Valentine’s (and Gal-entine’s) posts!

From Rain to Shine had some great Gal-entine’s Day cards. They’re adorable and can be given to your friend anytime of year, because we should show the love all year long!

The Sweet Escape has got a great cocktail recipe up, Valentine’s themed but I’m sure delicious anytime of the year.

The Endless Bliss has 90s love songs for Valentine’s Day because… 90s.

I hope you all have a great week!

What posts did I miss this past week?

February 13-16: what to do/see/eat/drink this weekend in toronto

Happy looooooooong weekend! Also, Happy Friday the 13th, Happy Valentine’s Day and Happy Family Day! There’s lots going on this weekend, for those celebrating valentine’s day and those couldn’t care less. Here’s a mix of both for the weekend if you’re still looking for something to do.

Do: Tomorrow night for Valentine’s Day, SPiN is hosting a “spin the paddle” event for singles. Entrance is free to the event and there’s delicious Valentine’s themed food available for the night. Already have a partner? No worries, you can book a table for the night for some friendly competition with your Valentine.

See: This weekend is the Toronto Black Film festival. It takes place at Carlton Place all weekend with tickets starting at $10. There will be shorts, documentaries and full-length features and a number of panels throughout the festival. Ticket information is available online.

Eat: Looking for a way to warm up on what is supposed to be a (really) cold weekend? The distillery district is hosting heatfest, a comfort food truck event happening on Family Day. Admission to the event is free and they have events happening throughout the day to stay warm.

Drink: Looking for a beer-filled event for your valentine’s day? Mill St in the distillery is hosting Brew Lovers Ball with a prix fixe, live music, a burlesque show and of course, beer! Basically, the best valentine’s day ever.

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!

thirsty thursday: moscow mule

Happy Thursday everyone! This is almost a two part blog post, with the next part coming next week. I had this drink while I was out for Winterlicious and that restaurant deserves it’s own post.


The moscow mule is really simple, I’ll definitely be making it at home. It’s stoli vodka, lime and ginger beer served ice cold. At Smith’s where I had dinner, they served it in a metal chalice type glass. This drink is great if you want something bubbly but not super sweet. I also like ginger beer but don’t like rum so I was excited to have a cocktail with vodka. It’s the little things!

valentine’s gifts (maybe for yourself)

I keep talking about the adorable things I keep seeing for Valentine’s Day. I always considered Valentine’s Day a hallmark holiday, I didn’t hate it but didn’t really understand the hoopla. But what I do understand is my love of accessories. These gifts can be for a sweetie, a friend or yourself, because they’re just down right adorable!

A4 3 Subject — Do What Makes You Happy
My love of stationary is so obvious. I have several notebooks, colourful pens and agendas. I love this agenda and would definitely add it to my collection, you know, the collection of notebooks with inspirational sayings. I just can’t get enough.

Do What You Love Travel Mug
I don’t just keep my quotes on notebooks. I actually bought this mug for my friend for Christmas, a perfect gift for a #girlboss hustler.

Apparently nautical is back in for this spring and I’m excited. Well really I’m just excited for spring and pastel colours and nautical outfits and this little clutch would match an outfit with white pants so nicely.

When I was growing up, we had a friend of the family who used to always say that an eye shadow can brighten a crappy day. That has stuck with me and most of the lip gloss, nail polish and eye shadow I’ve purchased was the brighten an otherwise cloudy day. Thankfully it doesn’t happen to often (I don’t have a lot of space for make up) but a nice lip gloss set can brighten a day or an outfit. This one seems Valentine’s appropriate as it’s a 50 Shades collection.

I’ve always been terrified of needles so tattoos have been most definitely out of the question. Lately I’ve seen “grown up” temporary tattoos and even wore one on new years eve. It’s a fun way to change up your outfit!

If you’ve got a man, you could get the matching “good morning handsome” pillow or just buy yourself a few of these for yourself. Start the day on a lovely note.

So even though Valentine’s Day is a hallmark holiday, use it to show the ones you love you care and show yourself some love!

Do you treat yourself on Valentine’s Day?

monday link love

We’re getting into the second week of February. So crazy! Spring is in sight. Here’s some of my favourite blog posts of the week!

Schoolhouse Booze has got you covered with a basically idiot-proof craft! Take adorable teacups, porcelain markers and a little patience and you’re good.

Re:Creative has got some “cool Valentine’s shit”. I mentioned last week that I’m not really into Valentine’s day but I do love hilarious and cute items.

The Every Girl is inspiring my travel bug with their post on places to visit this Spring. I definitely need to start planning a trip.

What did you love around the internet this week?