In my mind it’s basically spring. It feels like we’ve been living through this winter long enough but then I remember, it’s only January and although there is a light at the end of the chilly tunnel, we’ve still got at least 6 more weeks of winter.

On that note, I thought I’d share some of the stuff I’ve been watching on Netflix. I’ll be honest, most of it is weird. I went through The Mindy Project and Brooklyn Nine Nine at the beginning of the season and I’ve been bouncing around series and documentaries since then.

Arrested Development: This one I’ve been rewatching… a lot. I don’t know why I can watch this show over and over again (except season 4, one of the only Netflix originals I didn’t enjoy). If you’ve never watched it, it may seem like a lame, cheaply done show but it is so well-written. It may take an episode or two to get into it but I promise it’s worth it. Plus, then you’ll know how to chicken dance properly.

The Inbetweeners: I had British friends I lived with that absolutely loved this show and I saw it was a short series so I decided to give it a chance. I watched it in a few days because the episodes are short and there’s only a couple of dozen episodes. It’s another show that’s so brilliantly written it’s worth checking out. You may think you want to leave the awkwardness of high school behind you but you’ll find yourself cheering for the underdogs.

Brony Documentaries: Yes, that’s plural because there is two different documentaries. I don’t know why the brony culture fascinates me so much, but these documentaries are worth watching.

Crime Documentaries: I don’t think I could count all the crime documentaries I’ve watched in the past few weeks. There’s still a few on my list but so far these are my favourites: Serving Life, a movie about a hospice in a prison; ¬†West of Memphis, a movie about the West Memphis Three, Crime After Crime based on a woman’s experience with the justice system and Gideon’s Army, about public defenders in the US.

I’m almost worried to admit this last one but: Mike Tyson Mysteries. It is only about an hour worth of short episodes but they are so funny. As long as you completely forget any kind of logic and everything you know about science. The best example I could compare it to would be Archer, if you like Archer, I’d highly recommend this show.

What do I need to add to my list?


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