Has anyone else’s week just been flying by? I can’t believe it’s Thursday already. This week’s drink is actually a wine I’ve had in my fridge for a few weeks and just haven’t had the opportunity to have it. I bought it one night when I didn’t want to make a stop at the LCBO and was at a Loblaws with a Wine Rack. I wanted a Moscato and was surprised to find they stocked one.

This moscato is a blend of South African and Canadian wines. It was not very sweet, unusual for a moscato. Also what I thought was unusual was it wasn’t carbonated. I always expect a moscato to be carbonated, maybe I’ve been mislead this whole time. It was also a higher alcohol content than a regular moscato (not that I’m complaining).



I wouldn’t recommend this wine if you’re looking for a regular moscato like barefoot or jacob’s creek but it’s a pretty good wine if you don’t like a sweet wine.

Enjoy the rest of your Thursday!

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