Good morning and Happy Monday!

I’ve seen some great bloggers sharing weekly posts on things they loved reading over the past week and I love the idea. And so, I’m stealing the idea and I’m going to start doing it as well. I think Monday is the best day for it because it’s the day most of us need some extra lovin’.

1. The Sweet Escape has so many great posts and this week was no exception. I absolutely loved this little garden she made, I may actually try it myself – maybe I won’t even kill it. I just love the pops of colour in a simple plant: DIY: How to put together a mini-garden to cheer you up

2. Schoolhouse Booze is another blog I love. This week, they had a post about Detox to Retox with some amazing photos: We got bendy for beer at detox to retox

3. The Wallet Diet is a blog I only found a couple weeks ago but I really enjoy it so far. This week, she shared how to learn for free online, I love learning and I love free so I’m definitely bookmarking this: Learn for Free: 5 Sites That Offer Free Online Classes

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