Last week, I grabbed dinner with a friend around Christie and St. Clair. He recently moved to the area and suggested we go to Chinese Dumplings. I do love a good dumpling so thought it was a great idea.

We started with 15 dumplings: chicken, veggies and shrimp with veggies – the chicken were my favourite. They also offer them pan-fried. They make the dumplings at the front of the restaurant, in the window for passerbys to watch. We also got the green onion pancakes.

My friend also got the hot and sour soup, I wasn’t a fan but I’m not generally a soup or spicy fan but he really enjoyed it. He enjoyed it so much that I barely got a picture of it. It was a very generous portion (that was the case for everything).


Because we had so many appetizers, we just shared one main. We had the garlic beef which was great and we added a side of steam rice. It was a good amount of food for two people and after tax but before tip, it came to $35 for the two of us. I would definitely recommend this little restaurant on St. Clair West. It wasn’t overly fancy but the service was great and the food was delicious!

I think I need to include more dumplings in 2015, what’s your go-to place for dumplings?

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