Late last week, I went to Terroni on Adelaide for dinner. I had been looking forward to trying it for a while so I was excited for this meal. The Adelaide location is unique because it’s in an old court house and some of those elements are still there, like the ‘jail’ bathrooms.

We started with an appetizer, the mezzo e mezzo which was a meat and cheese board. Everything on the board was tasty, the house made salami was a little too hot for my taste but I enjoyed the proscuitto and delicious cheese. This board also had honey on it, which seemed unusual at first but I liked it was the pear and cheese.


I’ve mentioned it before, and it may even be included in a bio or two that I’m a fan of carbs so I was excited for fresh made pasta (particularly after a failed attempt of trying to do it myself a few weeks ago). I checked out the menu and I was so tempted to get the limone pasta, something I’d probably never make at home but I also don’t see myself making a ragu that takes hours to cook so I went with that.


It was SOO good. The pasta was so fresh and the ragu melted in my mouth. I will definitely go back and try the limone, just to make sure I got it right. I was there on Thursday night around 8, there was a DJ and the place was really busy. I expected it to be a bit fancier but it was nice, some people were dressed like they were coming from work (like me) and other people were more casual in jeans but the place was definitely buzzing the whole time I was there. I would recommend this place if you’re looking for a delicious and fresh Italian dinner.

Have you been to Terroni? What did you think?


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