Month: January 2015

blogger book club: #girlboss

One of my resolutions for this year was to read a book a month. That probably doesn’t sound like much but sometimes it can be hard to find time to do it. So when Sarah Ohm suggested a blogger book club, I thought it was be a great chance to stick to my resolution and probably get to read something different. You can see a linkup at the bottom of others who are participating and which books they chose for their read this month.

So this book club is virtual and instead of reading the same book as everyone else, we have a theme. This month’s theme was Motivational Reading. I’ve had #GIRLBOSS on my list of a while so I was pretty excited that I could get it in time through the library (free books for the win).

If you’re not familiar with #GIRLBOSS, it is the story of the founder of Nasty Gal, an American clothing company. While I don’t necessarily agree with everything in her book, I still love reading/hearing/meeting women in business. I love hearing stories of turning something from nothing. It’s really remarkable that she was basically homeless and shoplifting and is now the owner of a multi-million dollar company. I was glad I picked this book for my motivational read this month, it definitely re-inspired the #GIRLBOSS in me. It’s also an easy read, short and simply written but worth picking up.

Have you read #GIRLBOSS? What did you think?



January 30-February 1: what to do/see/eat/drink this weekend in toronto

Happy Friday! We’re at the end of January! So crazy. There’s lots going on in the city this weekend! Here’s a few options if you’re still looking for something to do (a lot a drink-related so bear with me).

Do: Tonight is anniversary bevvy for the Society of Beer Drinking Ladies, the event is sold out but men and non-ticket holders are allowed in after midnight. Check twitter for the location!

See: This one could really fall under eat and drink because that’s really why I watch but this Sunday is the Super Bowl. Whether you like football or not, its a great opportunity to get together with people and eat delicious food and drink delicious drinks. Tons of bars throughout the city will be showing the game in case you don’t want to clean up after the game.

Eat: This Sunday begins the annual La Poutine Week in the city (and in cities across the country). Check the website to see which restaurants have special poutines for the week and you can vote for your favourite, it’s a great reason to eat a ton of poutine!

Drink: Another sold out beer event is happening this weekend in Toronto. The Roundhouse Winter Craft Beer Festival is taking place at, you guessed it, the Roundhouse outside of Steam Whistle. Tickets online are sold out but there will be 100 tickets available at the door and Steam Whistle says it may be possible to buy tickets later in the day as people move through the event.

Have a fabulous weekend!

thirsty thursday: sweetwater squeeze radler

Well, we are rounding out January… so the perfect time for a radler? No, that’s not right… but we can do what we want! I love radlers – beer and fruit is my jam. I had tried this beer back in the summer but we got to sample it at the last Detox to Retox.



Most radlers are made with grapefruit but their Amsterdam radler is unique because it is blood orange. It is also higher in alcohol content than most radlers, the ones I’ve had are around 3%, some even less than 3%. This 3.8% radler has a great blood orange taste, which isn’t overly sweet. I definitely recommend this radler for a beautiful summer day, or a day where you just want to feel like a beautiful summer day.

Have you tried this radler? What did you think?

weird things i’ve been watching on netflix

In my mind it’s basically spring. It feels like we’ve been living through this winter long enough but then I remember, it’s only January and although there is a light at the end of the chilly tunnel, we’ve still got at least 6 more weeks of winter.

On that note, I thought I’d share some of the stuff I’ve been watching on Netflix. I’ll be honest, most of it is weird. I went through The Mindy Project and Brooklyn Nine Nine at the beginning of the season and I’ve been bouncing around series and documentaries since then.

Arrested Development: This one I’ve been rewatching… a lot. I don’t know why I can watch this show over and over again (except season 4, one of the only Netflix originals I didn’t enjoy). If you’ve never watched it, it may seem like a lame, cheaply done show but it is so well-written. It may take an episode or two to get into it but I promise it’s worth it. Plus, then you’ll know how to chicken dance properly.

The Inbetweeners: I had British friends I lived with that absolutely loved this show and I saw it was a short series so I decided to give it a chance. I watched it in a few days because the episodes are short and there’s only a couple of dozen episodes. It’s another show that’s so brilliantly written it’s worth checking out. You may think you want to leave the awkwardness of high school behind you but you’ll find yourself cheering for the underdogs.

Brony Documentaries: Yes, that’s plural because there is two different documentaries. I don’t know why the brony culture fascinates me so much, but these documentaries are worth watching.

Crime Documentaries: I don’t think I could count all the crime documentaries I’ve watched in the past few weeks. There’s still a few on my list but so far these are my favourites: Serving Life, a movie about a hospice in a prison;  West of Memphis, a movie about the West Memphis Three, Crime After Crime based on a woman’s experience with the justice system and Gideon’s Army, about public defenders in the US.

I’m almost worried to admit this last one but: Mike Tyson Mysteries. It is only about an hour worth of short episodes but they are so funny. As long as you completely forget any kind of logic and everything you know about science. The best example I could compare it to would be Archer, if you like Archer, I’d highly recommend this show.

What do I need to add to my list?


dining out: terroni

Late last week, I went to Terroni on Adelaide for dinner. I had been looking forward to trying it for a while so I was excited for this meal. The Adelaide location is unique because it’s in an old court house and some of those elements are still there, like the ‘jail’ bathrooms.

We started with an appetizer, the mezzo e mezzo which was a meat and cheese board. Everything on the board was tasty, the house made salami was a little too hot for my taste but I enjoyed the proscuitto and delicious cheese. This board also had honey on it, which seemed unusual at first but I liked it was the pear and cheese.


I’ve mentioned it before, and it may even be included in a bio or two that I’m a fan of carbs so I was excited for fresh made pasta (particularly after a failed attempt of trying to do it myself a few weeks ago). I checked out the menu and I was so tempted to get the limone pasta, something I’d probably never make at home but I also don’t see myself making a ragu that takes hours to cook so I went with that.


It was SOO good. The pasta was so fresh and the ragu melted in my mouth. I will definitely go back and try the limone, just to make sure I got it right. I was there on Thursday night around 8, there was a DJ and the place was really busy. I expected it to be a bit fancier but it was nice, some people were dressed like they were coming from work (like me) and other people were more casual in jeans but the place was definitely buzzing the whole time I was there. I would recommend this place if you’re looking for a delicious and fresh Italian dinner.

Have you been to Terroni? What did you think?


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monday link love

Good morning and Happy Monday!

I’ve seen some great bloggers sharing weekly posts on things they loved reading over the past week and I love the idea. And so, I’m stealing the idea and I’m going to start doing it as well. I think Monday is the best day for it because it’s the day most of us need some extra lovin’.

1. The Sweet Escape has so many great posts and this week was no exception. I absolutely loved this little garden she made, I may actually try it myself – maybe I won’t even kill it. I just love the pops of colour in a simple plant: DIY: How to put together a mini-garden to cheer you up

2. Schoolhouse Booze is another blog I love. This week, they had a post about Detox to Retox with some amazing photos: We got bendy for beer at detox to retox

3. The Wallet Diet is a blog I only found a couple weeks ago but I really enjoy it so far. This week, she shared how to learn for free online, I love learning and I love free so I’m definitely bookmarking this: Learn for Free: 5 Sites That Offer Free Online Classes

January 21-23: what to do/see/eat/drink this weekend in toronto

Hope you’re all having a fabulous week. Here’s what’s coming up for this last full weekend of January.

Do: Looking to change things up for the Spring (it’s coming, I know it is), the Interior Design Show is happening this weekend at the Metro Convention Centre, with things for industry and the general public there’s something for everyone to make some updates.

See: The #artlive ball is this Saturday at the Harbourfront Centre. This 19+ event is a show between the House of Nuance and the House of Monroe. The event runs from 8pm until late and tickets are available online.

Eat/Drink: Tonight, Chefs for Change begins their series of dinners with local food and drink in support of Community Food Centres Canada and their mission to providing healthy food for all. Tickets are available online for their upcoming events.

Have a great weekend!

thirsty thursday: cape one moscato

Has anyone else’s week just been flying by? I can’t believe it’s Thursday already. This week’s drink is actually a wine I’ve had in my fridge for a few weeks and just haven’t had the opportunity to have it. I bought it one night when I didn’t want to make a stop at the LCBO and was at a Loblaws with a Wine Rack. I wanted a Moscato and was surprised to find they stocked one.

This moscato is a blend of South African and Canadian wines. It was not very sweet, unusual for a moscato. Also what I thought was unusual was it wasn’t carbonated. I always expect a moscato to be carbonated, maybe I’ve been mislead this whole time. It was also a higher alcohol content than a regular moscato (not that I’m complaining).



I wouldn’t recommend this wine if you’re looking for a regular moscato like barefoot or jacob’s creek but it’s a pretty good wine if you don’t like a sweet wine.

Enjoy the rest of your Thursday!

dining out: aji sai thornhill

I’ve mentioned before I really enjoy All-You-Can-Eat sushi. I love it for a long dinner with friends with lots of time to catch up and out eat each other. I also know that all-you-can-eat can be hit-or-miss on quality, when it is so cheap, sometimes quality can be affected but at Aji Sai, that’s not the case.

There are a couple of Aji Sais in the Toronto area. I’ve been to the one on Queen St and it’s pretty good but I think the one in Thornhill is even better. If you live North of the city or have a car, it’s definitely worth checking out. I’ve been a couple of times and each time the quality is noticeable. The fish is really fresh, I wouldn’t think I would be able to tell but I definitely noticed a difference.

That is merely a sampling of the sushi we got. I couldn’t show you all of it, I don’t think my phone would have enough memory to hold that many photos ;). We ordered… a lot. And it was all delicious. The price is also very competitive, it is $22.99 for the weekend.

The only downside with Aji Sai is the service isn’t great. The servers are friendly but it is really slow. It is really hard to get someone’s attention to order, the food comes within a reasonable amount of time but just be aware that it will probably be a long meal. I’ve gone for lunch and dinner and found that both times it was slow but delicious so worth it once in a while.


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bendy for beer: Detox to Retox TO

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I was hosting Detox to Retox with the awesome girls from SchoolHouse Booze. Well, Sunday was finally the day and it was just as much fun as I was hoping it would be. We started with a yoga class, in the Amsterdam Brewery. Amsterdam makes some of my favourite beers like Amsterdam Blonde, and a few that I tried this weekend and will share in the future. The class was taught by the wonderful Agnes and she led a great 60 minute class. I’m still feeling it (I think that means its working, I hope that means its working).

amsterdam brewery, yoga, toronto, detox to retox
our view for the class

 Just showing off my moves after our class. I wore my new workout clothes I bought on sale at Old Navy, I love adorable work out clothes, it makes me actually want to work out.

Carlisle was our awesome host from Amsterdam Brewery. He led our tasting of several delicious Amsterdam beers including their Adventure Brew that is only available for a limited time. From the first sip of beer, I knew that yoga and beer was a great idea. Our first sample was of the Blonde which I know well and love but following a yoga class it seemed even more refreshing than usual. He was also kind enough to take us on a tour of the brewery. I love seeing where one of my favourite things come from.

Untitled design (1)

Our first Detox to Retox was so much fun, I can’t wait to do it again! Huge thank you to everyone who came out to our first event, I’m glad so many people have the same love for yoga and beer as I do. It was a great Sunday afternoon meeting other yogis/beer enthusiasts – all of varying degrees! Also, thank you to my co-hosts, Ashley and Rachel at SchoolHouse Booze and to Amsterdam Brewery! Our next class is in March, details will be released soon. I hope to see you all there.