Happy Thursday! Hope you’re all enjoying your first week of December. This week’s Thirsty Thursday concludes my LCBO adventure.

This may be the strangest of them all, maybe not but it’s hard to say. I thought this one was so unusual because I couldn’t quite define it. Was it a cooler? Was it a cider? Was it a malt beverage? I never really found out. What is cloudy lemonade? Cloudy lemonade is exactly what is sounds like, it isn’t very sweet so this drink is a good choice if you want a lemon flavour but can’t do a smirnoff ice. I also found this so strange because it didn’t indicate what type of alcohol it was, my guess is vodka but in the ingredients it just said liquor.

wpid-20141115_210911.jpgI prefer things a little sweeter normally but I did enjoy it and my friend who hates things that are too sweet loved it. It’s available at the LCBO for $3.65 a bottle.

Have you tried Hooper’s? What did you think?


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