I saw “The Gambler” this weekend starring Mark Walberg. I didn’t really have an interest in seeing the movie but there wasn’t much else I wanted to see (I do not care for the Hobbit stories). I do enjoy Mark Walberg and figured it could be pretty good.

The first 20-30 minutes of the movie were pretty slow. It was setting up the story line but I thought if it continued like this for the whole two hours, it was really going to be a long two hours. The story did start to pick up a bit, without giving too much away, the movie takes place over a week that a gambler is trying to catch up on debts and stay alive. I was really excited by some of the other cast members, like Michael Kenneth Williams from The Wire, Dean Norris from Breaking Bad and of course John Goodman.

“The Gambler” wasn’t quite a bad movie but it wasn’t a great movie. I don’t think it’s the type of movie you’d have to see in the theatres. There wasn’t crazy graphics or special effects that needed the big screen but since I had no plans for the day, it was a perfectly fine movie for a chilly Sunday afternoon.

Have you seen “The Gambler”? What did you think?

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