In September of 2007, in my second year at the University of Toronto, I decided that I wasn’t going to live downtown in residence again, instead I was going to move home to Pickering and buy a car for the commute. At the time, I was downtown almost 6 days a week and constantly visiting friends at other universities, I needed a car, public transit just wasn’t going to cut it for me.

That car, was the Red Dragon. A 2003 Hyundai Accent with 63000KMs on it, it would be the beginning of a beautiful and sometime tumultuous relationship. Although I wasn’t able to find any pictures of the actual car (and I was just so excited at the dealership, I forgot to take one) I thought the picture of me driving the dragon to a girls weekend was perfect.

564277_10100209497018995_2093818357_nAs the Dragon was starting to get up there in years and kilometres, it’s age was starting to show and I knew that it was time for an upgrade. But in true Doah style, my upgrade was actually to a 2014 Hyundai Accent, this one silver, name still pending (but will likely be Silver Bullet). As I started the exciting, tiring and occasionally frustrating task of looking for a new car, I reflected on what the Red Dragon meant to me. I’ve never┬áreally cared about cars, they were always just a way for me to get from A to B, when I was looking for a new one I explained to every dealer that I couldn’t care less which name was on the back of the car as long as it was reliable and at 0% financing. I did however think about how long I’ve had the Red Dragon, it was never the prettiest car and it was often the messiest car but for over 7 years the car was fairly reliable. It got me to job interviews, took me on road trips with friends and was a constant in my life. I realized that I had owned that car longer than I had lived in any one home, and I expect that to be the same over at least ┬áthe next decade. The car wasn’t always perfect, like when the windshield wipers just stopped working on my way home one day or when the power steering fluid was leaking and I was basically driving without power steering, the car was fairly reliable for a used car.

I didn’t photograph her often, but I will remember her fondly. The Red Dragon was my first car and as I start my new adventure in my new shiny car I think back on all my adventures with that car and smile. :)

What was your first car? Do you have the fond memories I have or are you glad to be rid of it?

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